Women shouldn’t have to shave

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Women shouldn’t have to shave

In our society for years now women have basically shaved everything on their bodies and men basically nothing or just small parts of their bodies why is that? We are both humans and we are born with hair and we can chose if we want to be shaved or not. Why is it not normal for woman to be hairy? Why did we make this normal for woman to always be shaved.

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In our society

it is believed, when a woman is not shaved it is ugly and not ladylike. When you do so you present your gender in bad way. But guess what it is a bullshit! We are beautiful regardless, it is up to you if you want to shave or not. You can totally not shave and you will still look beautiful. Having hair or not doesn’t define you and your worth.

Our society has just really

unrealistic expectations from women. See I am type of girl, who likes to shave and have clear skin, but you will sometimes catch me with extra hair. It is impossible to always have spotless skin, like what am I suppose to do shave everyday? I have other things to do like work or have life. Shaving takes time and I am not going to let your unrealistic expectations of me waste my time. There are times, when I feel I don’t want to shave and that should be accepted. If you like to shave, do it, but don’t make me feel ashamed if I don’t feel doing it. The idea of us always looking good for men and shaved so they feel good is stupid.

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There are some women,

who like to keep their hair and they should. Everyone’s taste is different and we just need to accept it. Not shaving doesn’t mean you are not taking care of yourself. Not taking care of yourself is like not showering, washing hands, washing face and more this has nothing to do with not taking care of yourself. There are women, who like keeping the hair and men to like shaving and it is both fine.

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Our society also believes

that men do need hair to be “real man” like sorry but if it annoys him he can shave it not your place to say. Men should be also able to decide what they want to do with their hair. I don’t think my attraction towards a man has anything to do with his hair.

Here is little experiment buzzfeed did check it out :

Click here for direct link to the video on Youtube

Reminder: you are beautiful with or without a hair!

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