How to have confidence to wear whatever you want to?

How to have confidence to wear whatever you want to?

I constantly get asked by my followers how to have confidence to wear what you want, so I decide to write about because it is a big topic and can’t be answered in one short sentence.

So first to all of you asking yourself

how to wear whatever you want to, you are not alone and it for sure is not your fault for thinking this way. It is not your fault that you feel that your body is not good enough to wear certain things or it is not appropriate to wear certain clothing. But wait how is it not your for thinking this way, you of course think it is your fault because you are the one thinking this way. See it all because of our society and the way they make us think and feel. When you constantly keep hearing how you shouldn’t wear this and this, or if you have certain type of body you shouldn’t wear this and of course at some point you will start believing it.

how to wear whatever you want to

But see so many things

we are told are not true, they tells us because they know they can gain something from us. They make you feel insecure so you can get that fitness program so you can wear certain clothing, or get a surgery, or the worst one is they can’t handle women being a bad ass boss and wear whatever she wants to, because then you are in the power and not them. Because of that so many have misconception about clothes and their purpose. You shouldn’t change your body so you fit the clothes, clothes should be able to fit your body. So next time you want to wear something that in society’s eyes doesn’t look good with your body type remember this.

So how do you gain confidence

to wear whatever you want to? Here are view simple steps that I suggest you doing to gain your confidence back. Yes I am saying gaining confidence back, because deep down we all have that confidence it is only hidden because of all the bullshit we keep hearing.

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Unlearn stupid beliefs:

The belief that certain clothes won’t fit every body type and that you shouldn’t wear certain clothes in certain way is a bullshit. All bodies are beautiful and all bodies deserve to wear what they want to wear. Who the said that chubby beautiful people can’t wear bikini? I always love looking at chubby people wearing bikini it looks so beautiful. But because our society is messed up companies like to make bikini for example look only good for skinny people, where is diversity here?

And of course then they

will say only skinny people should wear bikini, how about you improve the way you make clothes, because if it can’t fit all, this is not good. So just remember clothes should serve your body not other way around. So if you like something, even it no one else likes it who care, wear it. Even if it doesn’t look good, who cares, if you like it and makes you feel good wear it and be proud of it.

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Learn to love yourself:

I feel the main reason you can’t wear whatever you want to wear is because you lack self love. If you have fully accepted yourself and love yourself the way you are, you wouldn’t worry about what others would think and would wear whatever you want to and wouldn’t care. But I also get it, in society like ours it is hard to accept yourself, because they entourage us to be someone else. But you need to do so otherwise you will always feel insecure.

You can start small by just

saying loving affirmations to yourself every morning, or looking at yourself in the mirror and trying to see beauty in your flaws. There are endless ways you can learn to love yourself. I wrote an article all about it you can check it out here

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Get out of your comfort zone:

Doesn’t matter in what area you are trying to gain confidence from, you will never achieve it if you keep staying in your comfort zone. Lacking confidence actually just means you have fear of that thing and of course you will have fear if you never tried it, but if you try it trust me most of the time it won’t be scary anymore. So in this case your fear is wearing clothes that our society doesn’t think it suits your body type or in general they don’t think you should be wearing. So wear it, yes wear the clothes you are afraid of wearing and see how it feels.

Yes I know it might be scary,

but trust me after you will feel much better. Start small maybe wear them around people you trust and then step up and wear it when you are out with friends. Trust me after doing it many times you won’t have that much fear and when you keep doing it, the fear will be gone.

Know that people who judge you for the way you dress have their own insecurities:

You might not have confidence to wear whatever you want to, because maybe someone took away this. Maybe this happened to you when you are young and you can’t get over that. I can imagine someone judging you or making fun of you can be hard for anyone. Just know people who laugh at you probably have their own insecurities. Some who loves themselves fully doesn’t need to judge anyone and the way they dress. Judging others will make them feel good and of course the easiest way to judge someone is by what they are wearing.

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But know if they wear happy

with themselves they wouldn’t be doing so, so that means there is nothing wrong with you or your outfit. Also remember that they probably forgot what they told you a second after they said it, so why then bother even thinking about it when they don’t even think about it. If you don’t wear what you want to wear, you allow them to control you, don’t let them control you.

Make impossible for you mind to say no:

You are afraid to wear what you want, but let’s say you put together amazing outfit so you can’t refuse to wear it. Make it the hottest and the most amazing outfit ever. This way having an amazing outfit will give you confidence, but also won’t put all the attention to that piece, the attention will be more focused on the outfit. This way you will feel confident without feeling confident. Of course you should work on really feeling confident, but this is great short-term solution.

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Surround yourself with positive people:

When you hang out with people who bring you down and tell you, you don’t look good of course you won’t feel good about wearing certain clothing. But if you hang out with people, who entourage you to wear whatever you want to, when they boost your confident by saying nice things about you, you will gain confidence in no time. When you are around confident people, who will support you no matter what, you will have confidence in no time.

It will take a while for you to get

your confidence back, but you will get it back just keep working on it. These tacks are in my opinion the most effective and will help you with your confidence in no time. And these tacks won’t just help you with feeling confidence around what you wear, but also in general it will increase your confidence so much.

Just remember you are amazing and beautiful human, your body is more than deserving of beautiful clothes. Your body does deserve you wear the cutest outfits, so don’t punish it because of society.

Hopefully this will help you, let me know how it goes!!!

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