Debunk-in myths about abortion that you have been told

Debunk-in myths about abortion

On social media there is a lot of information about abortion which can be good and bad. If this information is checked by professional it can for sure be helpful, but if it is just a lie to convince someone to not get it I think it is so wrong. I feel that if your belief is that abortion is wrong that is fine, you just don’t get it, but spreading lies to feel better about yourself is wrong. There are many reasons why someone want to terminate the pregnancy and image then coming across all these lies of course a person would rethink it. It is not right to make someone questions themselves, if you feel you want to get abortion get it don’t listen to these lies. Because of all these lies it is important to tell you what is true and what is false, so for today’s article I will be telling you myths about abortion that people are spreading online and why they are just myths!


Having an abortion has higher health risks than continuing a pregnancy  and going through childbirth


Abortion is totally safe if performed by qualified practitioners. This is very old way of thinking the medicine has improved so much and so did the abortion. There is so much technology and so much knowledge. Many researches suggest that childbirth has higher risk for your health than having a trimester abortion.


Abortion affects future fertility


If it is done correctly by qualified professional there is rarely associated with any future risk to fertility. I know someone who had couple of abortions and was able to have a child after all these abortions. The only reason why people think you can’t get pregnant again after having abortion is because of these people who are against abortion. They make you believe god is punishing you for getting abortion, but I am here to tell you it is so false.


Abortion used instead of contraception


Contraception is great, but it is far more difficult than what you think. Even if you use it correctly something can always go wrong. So in this case terminating pregnancy is great option to have, because it is safe. Most of people experiencing unplanned pregnancy use some form of contraception, yet we know that:

-No form of contraception is 100% effective, including sterilisation

When you have sex it is always risk, because no contraception can 100% control our bodies and sometimes even if you are being safe you can still get pregnant!

-All modern methods of contraception have some associated risks/ side effects

For some people risking your health is just not worth it, when you can have abortion which better for your health than contraception. I for example would never in my life take birth control pill I think it would not be good for my body!

-Finding suitable contraception is very difficult for some people

We all have different bodies and we don’t know how our body might react to certain contraception. So some people don’t even bother using them!

-Sexual behaviour is not always consensual or predictable

We can’t always plan out when we will have sex, sometimes it just happens and we might just forget to take contraception. It can also happen that someone might force us to have sex and this is something you can really predict!!

-Violence/abuse/control in relationship can make it difficult to use/access contraception

When your partner want to control you, it is hard to take contraception and I feel some many controlling partners are against contraceptions!!!


Abortion causes emotional/mental harm


Yes of course unplanned pregnancy can have mental and emotional effect. There might be a guilt for some, but that also goes away soon. Because that person deep down had good reasons for it and that is good enough to move one. Research shows that for majority abortion causes no long lasting psychological consequences. I feel terminating pregnancy itself is not traumatic, but other aspects of abortion that are sadly part of it. When you feel judged by others or when someone questions your decision that can be hard on anyone. Even though it feels right to you, they make you question this decision. Just remember in these situation that you are allowed to get abortion and when it feel right to you, you should do it! No one knows how you feel so they have no right to have opinion on you!!!


Abortion causes breast cancer


First I have to say that this myth is so crazy. Even though I am not a doctor I can see that cancer and abortion and two totally different things. It is impossible to get breast cancer from abortion! But in case a woman has a breast cancer while pregnant, abortion can actually safe a child from getting sick! Maybe these crazy people feel that abortion is like a cancer so now they are trying to convince people that is can cause you a breast cancer. This is crazy and there is no chance you can get it!!


Adoption is better than abortion


Yes in your opinion adoption is better, but your opinion doesn’t matter! The only opinion that matters is the opinion of the pregnant woman who is carry that child. And also let me remind you, adoptions are not as perfect as they make you think they are. You don’t know if the child will happy life because that child might end up in foster care, and foster care is the worse. Most foster care parents are horrible and are just doing it for the money. The thought of the child not having the best life is worse than have terminating pregnancy  and everyone needs to accept it and stop judging!!


Only young and/or irresponsible people choose abortion


That is so not true. It can be that a 20 year old seeks terminate pregnancy but it can also be a woman in here 30s with happy family that also wants to do it . There are many women who seek abortion after having children because it is not about being irresponsible it is about just not being able to have a child for whatever reason. Women in all ages, material statuses, religions, occupations seek abortion. Let’s stop assuming things that are simply not true!!

And here we go, what our society teaches us about abortion is so false. Abortion can be a positive thing if you are willing to expend and open your mind. So many see it as negative, but you don’t see the positive, it helped and still is helping many women who really can’t have a child! There are so many wonderful women who are thankful for getting abortion and thankful that abortion does exist! Abortion doesn’t have to be this taboo topic, we can make it more positive so people will talk about it more. Us being open about it and not being judgemental can help many women other there! It will make them feel good about getting abortion.

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5 Ways Influencers are damaging your body image

We are all aware that social media

is not the healthiest place and I feel it get worse and worse every year. I mean don’t get me wrong there also some amazing things about social media it can educate you and it can help with so many issues we as society are facing like for example racism I feel there would be way more racist people if there was no social media.

But social media also have quite a

dark side, a side that can get really toxic. And one of the main reasons we have toxic side of social media is because of influencers. These influencers that make you question your worth and make you feel your body is not good enough because they show you their perfectly photoshopped photos and make you feel it is real.

I could say so much about those

influencers and how wrong it is what they are doing, but let’s just stick to one topic at the time. You might think it might help you watching these influencers, but you are so wrong it is damaging you and your body image. I feel it can damage anyone’s body image, even if you are 100% happy with your body.

Of course when you see

perfect body on someone you wish to have it, but also feel shitty for not having it! But trust me if it looks perfect, I am sure 99.9% is fake. And also isn’t it more beautiful to have imperfections ? Well anyways let’s talk about it how they are damaging you

Only showing the highlights:

Influencers are known to show only highlights. They only post the perfect photo with perfect angle and the perfect setup, but that is not a real life. Our bodies won’t always look good in fact most times it doesn’t, when we sit it does look we have more than we have, when we are standing in the wrong angle it won’t look good either. And we also shouldn’t worry how we position ourselves because these influencers do it, we should be able to talk to our friends on the street without worrying how our body looks like. But when they just show the highlights it makes us feel insecure and makes us question our worth. We start to think if our body is really good enough.

And no one should feel this way,

everyone should feel that they are good enough because they are. Instead of focusing the best way you can look, focus on being the most real and how to make your followers feel good. But I can tell you one thing the reason influencers have need to only show highlights means they question their worth and therefor have to be perfect otherwise they feel insecure, so it is nothing against you and there is nothing wrong with you, it is them that have problem!


As I said before when we see these perfect bodies of course we want it too. So we end up comparing ourselves to these perfect bodies and it is not far fight since our bodies are not photoshopped or might not look the best at that moment. We end up wishing we had these bodies and that can put you in very dark place. We see our flaws but instead of embracing them we hate them because of what we see on social media. An influencer should make you feel good about your flaws not bad about it. It is stupid to compare yourself with everyone it makes no sense because we are all different, this influencer will never be you and you will never be that influencer. Own your power love who you are, don’t wish to be someone else!

Unrealistic expectations:

When you start comparing yourself and seeing your body next to these perfect bodies, of course you will try to achieve the perfect body. But see doesn’t matter how hard you work on it, you will never have the body that you see on social media. Because these perfect bodies that you see on social media ARE NOT REAL, they are photoshopped and honestly they don’t even think about how realistic this is they just do whatever looks good.

Our bodies can’t achieve what

photoshop can, it is impossible our bodies are built differently and it is not possible to achieve it. But that doesn’t mean that your body is not beautiful, because it is. This can leave us very frustrated and we can end up hating our bodies! This can also in general give you false image of ideal body. Because of these influencers you will end up thinking that this is the ideal body type, when in reality all bodies are ideal body types. There is no better or worse body type, it is your body so embrace it!

Eating disorder:

Showing the perfect can make someone feel they have to lose weight to have these perfect bodies. It can make people feel shitty about their own bodies. These people might stop eating because they think if they don’t even they could achieve the perfect body which is so false. Food is not your enemy, food is making sure your body keeps going.

Because of these influencers

so many can develop eating disorder even though they were perfectly health. It really pushes people because they think this is real and want it so badly. When you show your perfect body make sure to show the process how it got so perfect, this way you can prevent so many eating disorders!


When you see all these perfect bodies of course you feel start to not feel so good in your own skin. When you see all these perfect bodies and of course you don’t have it, you will start to have insecurities. You will feel that you are not good enough and that can’t be good for anyone. Being insecure about yourself can have effects in many aspects of your life. For example you tend to get jealous at other people, and that can make you feel worse. People who are jealous can become the worse version of themselves and can drive people away. There are many disadvantages of having insecurities, but most importantly you don’t feel good and you can’t grow to the best version of yourself if you have insecurities. But it is not you, it is them!

As you can see influencers really

can damage you. They make you have different image of ideal body, the very wrong and false image of ideal body. Influencers make you feel shitty about yourself and make you question your worth. And of course I can’t forget they make you have unrealistic expectations and we are still looking up to them?! They are the wrong people. I true influencer would put his or hers followers first and make them feel good and show them the real them not some fake version. Maybe you do it because you are insecure, but you are damaging your followers so much and I feel it is so selfish.

Little tip:

If watch influencer and you feel shitty after that, unfollow them that means they are the wrong person to follow. We have to show them if they don’t take this seriously they will lose us, we don’t want fake stuff anymore. And another good advice just know if it is too good it is probably fake and see that you have more courage to show the real you and they don’t so this make you more beautiful!

Hopefully this can open eyes to many of you, and you start to rethink how you need to treat your followers and also to the followers you can open your eyes and see how fake they are!

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How to have confidence to wear whatever you want to?

How to have confidence to wear whatever you want to?

I constantly get asked by my followers how to have confidence to wear what you want, so I decide to write about because it is a big topic and can’t be answered in one short sentence.

So first to all of you asking yourself

how to wear whatever you want to, you are not alone and it for sure is not your fault for thinking this way. It is not your fault that you feel that your body is not good enough to wear certain things or it is not appropriate to wear certain clothing. But wait how is it not your for thinking this way, you of course think it is your fault because you are the one thinking this way. See it all because of our society and the way they make us think and feel. When you constantly keep hearing how you shouldn’t wear this and this, or if you have certain type of body you shouldn’t wear this and of course at some point you will start believing it.

But see so many things

we are told are not true, they tells us because they know they can gain something from us. They make you feel insecure so you can get that fitness program so you can wear certain clothing, or get a surgery, or the worst one is they can’t handle women being a bad ass boss and wear whatever she wants to, because then you are in the power and not them. Because of that so many have misconception about clothes and their purpose. You shouldn’t change your body so you fit the clothes, clothes should be able to fit your body. So next time you want to wear something that in society’s eyes doesn’t look good with your body type remember this.

So how do you gain confidence

to wear whatever you want to? Here are view simple steps that I suggest you doing to gain your confidence back. Yes I am saying gaining confidence back, because deep down we all have that confidence it is only hidden because of all the bullshit we keep hearing.

Unlearn stupid beliefs:

The belief that certain clothes won’t fit every body type and that you shouldn’t wear certain clothes in certain way is a bullshit. All bodies are beautiful and all bodies deserve to wear what they want to wear. Who the said that chubby beautiful people can’t wear bikini? I always love looking at chubby people wearing bikini it looks so beautiful. But because our society is messed up companies like to make bikini for example look only good for skinny people, where is diversity here?

And of course then they

will say only skinny people should wear bikini, how about you improve the way you make clothes, because if it can’t fit all, this is not good. So just remember clothes should serve your body not other way around. So if you like something, even it no one else likes it who care, wear it. Even if it doesn’t look good, who cares, if you like it and makes you feel good wear it and be proud of it.

Learn to love yourself:

I feel the main reason you can’t wear whatever you want to wear is because you lack self love. If you have fully accepted yourself and love yourself the way you are, you wouldn’t worry about what others would think and would wear whatever you want to and wouldn’t care. But I also get it, in society like ours it is hard to accept yourself, because they entourage us to be someone else. But you need to do so otherwise you will always feel insecure.

You can start small by just

saying loving affirmations to yourself every morning, or looking at yourself in the mirror and trying to see beauty in your flaws. There are endless ways you can learn to love yourself. I wrote an article all about it you can check it out here

Get out of your comfort zone:

Doesn’t matter in what area you are trying to gain confidence from, you will never achieve it if you keep staying in your comfort zone. Lacking confidence actually just means you have fear of that thing and of course you will have fear if you never tried it, but if you try it trust me most of the time it won’t be scary anymore. So in this case your fear is wearing clothes that our society doesn’t think it suits your body type or in general they don’t think you should be wearing. So wear it, yes wear the clothes you are afraid of wearing and see how it feels.

Yes I know it might be scary,

but trust me after you will feel much better. Start small maybe wear them around people you trust and then step up and wear it when you are out with friends. Trust me after doing it many times you won’t have that much fear and when you keep doing it, the fear will be gone.

Know that people who judge you for the way you dress have their own insecurities:

You might not have confidence to wear whatever you want to, because maybe someone took away this. Maybe this happened to you when you are young and you can’t get over that. I can imagine someone judging you or making fun of you can be hard for anyone. Just know people who laugh at you probably have their own insecurities. Some who loves themselves fully doesn’t need to judge anyone and the way they dress. Judging others will make them feel good and of course the easiest way to judge someone is by what they are wearing.

But know if they wear happy

with themselves they wouldn’t be doing so, so that means there is nothing wrong with you or your outfit. Also remember that they probably forgot what they told you a second after they said it, so why then bother even thinking about it when they don’t even think about it. If you don’t wear what you want to wear, you allow them to control you, don’t let them control you.

Make impossible for you mind to say no:

You are afraid to wear what you want, but let’s say you put together amazing outfit so you can’t refuse to wear it. Make it the hottest and the most amazing outfit ever. This way having an amazing outfit will give you confidence, but also won’t put all the attention to that piece, the attention will be more focused on the outfit. This way you will feel confident without feeling confident. Of course you should work on really feeling confident, but this is great short-term solution.

Surround yourself with positive people:

When you hang out with people who bring you down and tell you, you don’t look good of course you won’t feel good about wearing certain clothing. But if you hang out with people, who entourage you to wear whatever you want to, when they boost your confident by saying nice things about you, you will gain confidence in no time. When you are around confident people, who will support you no matter what, you will have confidence in no time.

It will take a while for you to get

your confidence back, but you will get it back just keep working on it. These tacks are in my opinion the most effective and will help you with your confidence in no time. And these tacks won’t just help you with feeling confidence around what you wear, but also in general it will increase your confidence so much.

Just remember you are amazing and beautiful human, your body is more than deserving of beautiful clothes. Your body does deserve you wear the cutest outfits, so don’t punish it because of society.

Hopefully this will help you, let me know how it goes!!!

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Spring clothes: You want to be trendy this spring? Then read this

Spring clothes: Everything on my Wishlist

Spring is slowly approaching

even though it still feels like winter. I can’t wait for spring to come, because this winter has be really cold and also it has been quite hard for so many. Anyways since spring is coming, it is time for spring clothes and I love spring clothes so much. Spring wardrobe is my favorite, it gives me very much girly vibes. So you can say I can barley wait for spring to official come and I can style all my favourite spring pieces. So today I will be inspiring you to get excited about spring as much as I am by showing you some of my spring clothes on my wishlist. I honestly love having a Wishlist for every season it gives you idea what you want, so you don’t go overboard with shopping.

But before we start let

me explain myself and why I have been gone for two weeks or even more. So during this crazy time I was able to make one of my biggest dreams come true and that is to go to Mexico. Since I can remember I wanted to go to Mexico and I finally did it. I was in Cancun for two weeks and it was the most amazing time. I was able to see and experience so much. I have recharged my energy and now I am more motivated than ever.

Oversized blazer:

I am so obsessed with these pastel oversized blazer. These blazer are upcoming trends for this spring and I can’t wait for them. I generally love oversized blazer it gives me bad biatch vibes and with this pastel colours it will looks so good. You can either style it in classy way or mix it up with casual by wearing jeans with it and white t-shirt. This blazer is defiantly great addition to your spring clothing!

Tully Log Sole Loafer:

These shoes are so stylish and they give me Parisen vibes. They are very comfortable, which is great if you are busy and walking throughout the day, but also you can style them with so many things. For example you want to be classy go with simple black dress and leather jacket it will look so cute. You want to be more casual go with jeans and simple t-shirt, these shoes will be great for your spring wardrobe.

Pleated Dress:

I am not the biggest dress fan, but pleated dress is just amazing. It is a classic piece that you need for spring. You can style it in more casual way by adding sneakers and for example jeans jacket or if you want to be more classy you can wear it with some heels and nice blazer. You have so many options especially if you get it in black.

Pointelle Mockneck Sweater:

In spring it can get hot, but remember it can still be little bit cold so you need to have some stylish sweaters around. This sweater is great when it gets cold. It is not too warm, but just enough to keep you warm in spring time. You can wear it with skirt, with trousers or even over the dress when it gets cold. Getting it in some pastel color would be great since pastel colours are very in at the moment.

High-Waist Biker Short:

The biker shorts have been in for view years now, but this year the biker shorts in pastel colours will take over. At first these biker shorts seem weird as a trend, but now I get it. You can style these biker shorts with anything. You can wear it with blazer, with jeans jacket, with sneakers, with heels and much more. It can be casual, classy, edgy, anything you want to. This biker shorts are a must for your spring clothing.

This year spring fashion

will be interesting. It has a lot of classy pieces, but now in pastel colours. I really love that these pastel colours are trendy at the moment. Pastel really gives me positive vibes and it can really brighten your outfit and make it more interesting. You can go from having boring outfit to having very outstanding outfit by just adding pastel piece to your outfit.

I also love that with most

of the pieces on this list you have so many options when it comes to styling it. If you are like me who likes to be classy, but also sometimes likes to be casual this is perfect. Having pieces in your wardrobe that you style for casual as well as classy looks is amazing. For example let’s say you want to be causal during the day, but have dinner in the evening and have no time to dress up and look classy well these pieces are perfect, because you will just need to change shoes and maybe add blazer and you got yourself a classy look.

I feel like this list is great, it has something for everyone. And it has everything you need for you cot be prepared for spring. If you can’t wait for spring to come, come down below and tell me what is your favourite piece from this list?

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Loving your body: Is it normal for girl to love and hate her body at the same time

Loving your body: Is it normal for girl to love and hate her body at the same time

Are you able to be hating and loving your body at the same time? So this is series that one of my instagram followers suggested I do. So basically my instagram followers asked me if certain things are normal for a girl and then I dive deeper and explain if it is normal or not. And today’s topic is hating and loving your body at the same time.

Living in our society can’t be an easy job,

because society tells us to hate our bodies, but we want to love it so it is big battle. You can easily be put into this bad circle of hating your body and it can be hard to get out of it, especially if you have been in this circle for long time. It is of course not your fault, but it can feel like it is your fault. So how does the circle looks like, why do we tend to love and hate our bodies? Well let’s dive in and get all our answers!

Let’s talk about the circle:

So this sucky circle is you fighting with beliefs that you have been taught by society. Society teaches us these beliefs in very sneaky and tricky ways. With advertisement, by making many believe in it and of course by constantly reminding you of them. Everything you consume is society’s way of giving some bad beliefs so it can benefit them. Think about it, if no one would be insecure, do you think beauty industry would survive? I don’t think so, but at this moment beauty industry is one of the most profitable industries.

So let me explain how the circle goes:

-You see advertisement, where it shows you skinny girl and it says “You want to have perfect body like she has”

With this they are saying your body is not perfect and you need to look like this, otherwise you are not worthy.

-After feeling you are not worthy, you feel insecure and not good about yourself

-You sit in your room feeling bad, when you get good news that you did great at work

-This automatically makes you feel worthy and feel good about yourself, so you return to loving  your body and yourself

-Couple days pass by, your already forgot about your good news and then you see movies that makes you question your worth again, and there you go again you are back in sucky circle!

And this is how easy you can be put in their circle and then you are out,

but so easily put back into the circle. It is very hard to stay out of the circle, but so easy to stay in it. Most of people experience love and hate relationship with their body because of the circle. Society makes them well unworthy and then something happens that they can’t deny and it makes them feel worthy, but then society’s tricky circle comes back to catch them and it continues and continues. Of course some people experience just hate relationship with their bodies which is even harder and of course there are these who just have love relationship with their bodies which is the best one. But of course anyone can achieve loving relationship, it just takes time!


Wonder why they always promote skinny people instead of chubby people? Chubby and skinny are both fine and nothing to be ashamed of and technically both should be accepted! They could have made chubby bodies be the perfect body, but why didn’t they? Well there are only about 10-15% of world’s population who are skinny, so less people are skinny. So if we think about it, being chubby is more common which means being chubby is totally okay.

Because only small amount of

people are skinny, this is why society is promoting skinny people. This is how they manipulate us to believe we are not good enough, so then we would want to buy a fitness program or get plastic surgery and there we go they profit from it. So just think about it next time you feel you are not good enough.

Hate relationship with our bodies:

There are many reasons why we have hate relationship. But the main reason is of course society and them trying to push you by saying your are not good enough through everything you consume. It is very tricky and sneaky way, but that is why it is working. You wouldn’t think that they are trying something by using certain things in movies you watch, but they are. And that is the thing, when you keep hearing something way too many time, you will start to believe it.

When you keep seeing skinny models,

you will want to be one. When you see the Prince choosing the skinny one, you will feel you are not good enough. When you keep hearing, you need to workout because you don’t have perfect body, you will start to believe that your body is not perfect. And it really doesn’t matter where you look or what you consume, this narrative is everywhere, you can’t escape it. You basically the reason you hate your body, is not even because of you! Crazy, you would think it is all you, but it is not!

Some other reason why you have hate relationship with your body is:

-You could be young and haven’t

learn that body is not suppose to be perfect, but regardless it is beautiful. When you haven’t learn that, you can’t accept your body. If you have this false belief that body is suppose to be perfect, you can’t love your body. No body is perfect and unless you learn that you can’t love your body. But this reason is caused because of the main reason. If our society didn’t push this narrative that body is suppose to be perfect, none of us would have to unlearn this belief and would from day one love our bodies.

-You could have been bullied because of your body.

If you have been bullied because of your body, you will for sure have hate relationship with your body. You got bullied because of your body. But remember, your body is beautiful the way it is. Your body did do anything to make you get bullied, when someone bullies people it is reflection how they are feeling, they feel insecure. But this again, if our society did bully us to believe only certain type of bodies are good, no one would have power to bully other because of their body. If our society would be more accepting of all types of bodies, there would be no issue.

-You haven’t fully let yourself be your true self,

so therefore you can’t love your body. When you can’t be your true self, you will feel bad and that includes feeling bad about your body. The reason who are being themselves feel so positive, feel more attractive and more happy is because they can be themselves and are not hiding anything. But people wouldn’t be afraid to be themselves if society made us feel good about being ourselves.

There are many other reasons, but any reason comes back to society and how society manipulates us for their profit.

Love relationship with our bodies:

So how come we still mange to love our bodies when we live in society that pushes us to hate our bodies. Well even though they are good at manipulating us, we do still have brains and when we see our worth we can’t deny it. While we do consume things that are in favour of society, we also consume things that are in favour of us and our bodies. That is why society is pushing this narrative everywhere, because when we are shown undeniable things we can’t deny them.

Loving your body doesn’t just come

from, you loving how your body looks like. It comes from you in general feel good about yourself. You can be feeling good for some other reason, but you will still be loving your body then. Because body is you, body is the reason you are standing. So that means if you want to love your body, you have to start within yourself. You have to start loving yourself.

So here are some possible reason why you could love your body:

-You did great at work: when someone tells you , you did good, your self worth will go up and therefore you will love your body

-Someone gave you a compliment: compliment doesn’t cost you anything, but it means so much to the person you are giving to. By giving someone a compliment you can really make them love their body. There confidence will go so much up

-Wearing new clothes: when you wear new clothes you will feel good about it and therefore you will love your body too.

-Accepted your body the way it is and are being fully yourself:

when you accept your body the way it is, when you don’t mind if it is sometimes little chubby you will love your body no matter what. When you are being your true self, there is no time where you won’t feel good so you won’t be questioning your worth anymore. This is a must if you want to have love relationship with your body for long term, but this will take a lot of hard work!

So love relationship with your body can come from either something you can’t deny or it can come from simply you being able to overcome these beliefs that society teaches us. But when we talk about in this context love hate relationship with your body, it most likely are the other three reasons.

So to answer the question, it is very normal.

This is the most common. Most people do get sucked into the circle and it is always the battle of out and in. The society is pushing you, but of course you do have brain and do see time to time your worth. But what all of us should be aiming for is to get out of the circle and never go back.

You need to unlearn a lot of things

and really learn to accept, believe in yourself and love yourself. When you learn to unconditionally love yourself, you will quickly see all the bullshit society tells us and won’t be believing that anymore. But it only possible when you start to truly love yourself. I will be teaching you how you can do this in upcoming article so stay tune for that!

SO now let’s test you, how much do you love or hate your body take this quiz to find out!

Click here for quiz
Lot of love and hugs
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