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Bible Commentary: Psalm 61 – Sarah Titus

As you learn by way of the Psalms, in lots of passages, you get an excellent indication of David’s coronary heart throughout his large trial of fleeing for his life from Saul, coping with his son Absalom, and all that hassle that got here with it.

His coronary heart could be very humble, as he’s operating for his bodily life. And he appears to waver backwards and forwards all through the entire scenario between worry and confidence, as any human would in his scenario. 

Right here although, we discover him comforting himself with reality. Let’s take a more in-depth look…

Psalm 61:1-8

David begins off in verse 1 being extremely daring and direct with God. Hear my cry. I’m upset. I’m struggling. Lend your ear to me. Take heed to my phrases. Take heed…cease what you’re doing to take discover of this, that is vital.

And in verse 2, my favourite a part of the chapter. From the tip of the earth, I name to You when my coronary heart is faint. 

This. is. absolute. knowledge.


What’s it that almost all males do when they’re simply fully out? Drained, drained, exhausted in spirit, spent. They search for assist, however hardly ever from God.

They search for assist in the type of an alcohol bottle to numb the ache. They search for assist from syrupy phrases that many evangelist preachers on TV sputter out to get your cash and allegiance. Those who promise to remove your ache, your sorrows, even bodily heal you. They promise to alleviate your burdens and all they do is make you MORE comfy in your sin and poorer.

People look to medicine. They attempt to resolve their issues with intercourse, with overeating, and a myriad of different gods (!) however not THE true and Dwelling God.

David right here understands that. He understands all that different stuff is garbage and goes to the ONLY appropriate selection: God Almighty. When my coronary heart is faint, he’s saying, I do know who to run to. I am going to you!

Lead me to the rock that’s larger than I. The rock right here, that means God. Lead me to you. God, YOU are larger than me. He’s agreeing with God, lining up his coronary heart with God, absolutely admitting that God is supreme and sovereign. God is the last word. He’s #1. David is humbling himself earlier than God.

In verse 3, he’s stating why. Why do I am going to you, why do I belief you? As a result of you could have proven your self to be highly effective. You’ve confirmed that what you say (you care for your kids), you do. It’s not fluffy empty phrases to get me by way of. You again up your Phrase with motion. I’ve seen it. I’ve skilled that love, that safety, that grace. You’ve been a refuge to me, a tower of energy. I’ve been capable of conceal in you and be secure and brought care of. YOU have completed that. 

I like the remainder of verse 3, “in opposition to the enemy”.

God makes certain to plug that in. We’re combating right here in opposition to an enemy. We’re NOT combating different Christians. 

Take heed to me very fastidiously. 

All real believers are on the identical staff. Whenever you struggle one another, you’re combating your personal staff member and the opposite staff, the enemy, appears at us and laughs at how silly we’re. And but I see continuous backbiting, gossip, Christians attempting to destroy different Christians. 

Have you learnt that whenever you struggle a brother or sister in Christ, you’re combating GOD?!

Hear, that’s not going to finish properly.

All day lengthy I’m attacked by Christians in varied methods, in varied conditions. Defend your self, after all, however by no means struggle again a brother. Higher to be slapped and take the offense and let GOD choose between you two, than to struggle your personal staff member as a result of whenever you do, you place your self in direct opposition to God.

He WILL avenge His kids. Are you SURE you’re proper? How will you choose? not your complete scenario, motives included. Take it to the Lord. Let HIM struggle your battles for you. You stay harmless, innocent. Don’t go round harming His kids. If you happen to do, YOU might be punished. 

I take into consideration Kyle and the boys. They WILL be punished. How do I do know? They’re harming God’s youngster. However but, I don’t return and struggle them again or search vengeance for myself. I wait patiently upon the Lord. HE will avenge me. HE will make issues proper. It’s my job to present it throughout to Him to guage and vindicate me. 

In verse 4, he begins by asking, let me. He’s not demanding, pompous, conceited, or entitled right here. He’s asking. Please let me dwell in your tent, let me take refuge within the shadow of your wings. 

It’s fascinating the phrases which might be chosen right here. Your tent, your tabernacle, your holy area. 

To people, a tent is a spot to go tenting in. God’s definition of a tent means one thing a bit completely different. Tent to God is translated “character”,  “coronary heart”, “soul”. The essence of who you’re. 

Take into consideration the lads who sinned by taking treasures from the spoil of struggle and preserving them, as commanded to not (Joshua 7:21). They hid the treasures of their tent. And whereas that was a bodily place, their tent, to God, that is saying, you hid sin inside your self. On the skin, all the things appears okay however open the tent (the character, the center) and wickedness and disobedience abound. 

So from God’s standpoint, David is saying, let me dwell in your character. In your coronary heart. Let me dwell in You. 

Whereas God lives in us, through the Holy Spirit, we’re ALSO to abide in Him. John 15:5 says “Whoever abides in me and I in him…” Discover the phrase AND in there. It goes each methods. We need to dwell in Him, absolutely rooted in His character, within the essence of Who He’s.

After we are rooted in Jesus, we’re secure, protected, free, and completely satisfied. He is part of us and we change into part of Him, near Him, dwelling inside Him. THIS is our secure place. 

Not a church constructing, not alcohol or meals, however within the Individual of Jesus Christ. We dwell inside the shadow of His wings, inside Him.

As if all of that wasn’t already a number of jewels, that is the place it begins to get good. Verse 5

You could have heard my vows. He’s saying that when he prays God hears him, however I don’t assume that’s all of it. There’s this sense of secrecy right here. A whisper. A softened voice. An intimate second between believer and Creator. You KNOW my vows. You’ve heard them, you’ve seen, what these secret vows are. On the finish of verse 8, it says, “That I’ll pay my vows daily.” 

Clearly, it could embody obedience however as to what these particular vows are, it’s between David and God. The textual content doesn’t say what they’re particularly or the phrases he used, no less than not on this passage, so we don’t know. 

Are you prepared for it to get good?

The second half of verse 5, you could have given me the inheritance of those that worry Your identify. 

He’s saying, you’ll make me king. The inheritance is the individuals. The individuals he’ll very quickly rule over by God’s design. 

Then in verse 6, you’ll extend the king’s life, His years might be as many generations. 

It’s unimaginable to dwell your lifetime and several other others additionally, as reincarnation will not be Biblical. Reasonably, what David is referring to right here is the remembrance of him. David might be remembered all through many generations for a number of causes. One is acknowledged within the subsequent passage. 

This “His years” individual, in verse 7, is acknowledged as “He’ll abide earlier than God without end.”

There may be solely One man who has and might abide earlier than God without end: Jesus. David is aware of Jesus Christ will come from His personal lineage!!! How cool is that?! 

And my associates, THIS is the place his confidence comes from. 

If {that a} MAJOR occasion, just like the delivery of Christ, was coming out of your lineage, you wouldn’t worry loss of life. If David dies, Jesus can’t be born* (!!), so for David, scared and operating for his bodily life, God has given him information and knowledge to grasp and greater than that, to imagine, that he’ll NOT die (it’s displaying us the reality of Jeremiah 29:11).

*Please word: Jesus may nonetheless be born one other method, simply not by way of David’s lineage, and we get that. We perceive God can sovereignly design Jesus’ delivery in any method He needs to and doesn’t HAVE TO undergo David, however that it’s His will for Jesus to be born by way of David’s lineage. 

God is saying, “Look, it could APPEAR like issues are loopy and you’ll die however I’ve larger plans. I need to use you, for an incredible kingdom someday”. 

David rests in that reality, and it’s how I can relaxation too.

As we speak, I’m behind on my mortgage over $65,000. My lender has began foreclosures on me. And whereas it’s a scary place to be, for certain, I do know that if God forecloses on me, I gained’t be capable to begin up a church that He needs me to begin right here domestically.

We’d like THIS home, THIS front room that may simply maintain 10+ individuals comfortably. He gained’t foreclose on me. He’ll save me. Since I do know what’s coming (sooner or later), as David knew of his future and God’s plan for him, I can relaxation even amidst the sudden terror of being foreclosed on.

The second motive David could be remembered for a lot of generations is as a result of his story could be informed inside a spot that’s unbreakable and won’t die, the Bible. One thing safely preserved technology to technology.

Whether or not or not David knew that He could be within the Bible is unknown, however he did perceive his place in Christ and the way God would use him and his lineage. That introduced him consolation. It was sufficient to assist him hold going within the midst of an enormous trial.

Then the latter a part of verse 7 – appoint lovingkindness and reality in order that Jesus WILL be born and that we might protect that lineage, in order that your will could also be completed.

And verse 8, regardless of terror throughout him, he discovered respite within the midst of all of it.

So, I’ll sing reward to Your identify. I can reward you on this storm. I can discover consolation and reduction within the face of amazingly powerful trials.

Expensive family members, if David can discover consolation and pleasure within the midst of being on the run for His bodily life, and I can discover consolation figuring out my God will save me regardless of being foreclosed on, then no matter it’s you’re going through at present, SO…CAN…YOU!!!!

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