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Vagus Nerve Yoga: The Final Information to Stimulating the Vagus Nerve for Optimum Well being and Wellness

Earlier than I grew to become a yoga trainer, I used to undergo by way of a protracted rush-hour commute and arrive dwelling feeling my coronary heart thumping, my shoulders tensed, and a migraine approaching. Instinctively, I’d roll out my mat, kick my toes up the wall, and take deep stomach breaths for a number of minutes.

These easy practices relieved me considerably as a result of they stimulated my vagus nerve and activated my parasympathetic nervous system. In fact, I wasn’t conscious of this technical terminology then; I simply knew I felt higher.

As you’ll uncover on this publish, science explains the explanation behind many of those skilled advantages of yoga. It comes all the way down to the vagus nerve, a vital element of the physique’s nervous system actions.

When discussing vagus nerve yoga, we consult with particular postures and practices that affect this a part of the nervous system — just like the Legs-Up-the-Wall place and stomach breaths I used to do after stumbling by way of my entrance door confused and catatonic.

So, are you able to dig into some somatic psychology? Take a deep breath, pull up a chair, and prepare to extend your mind energy by studying all in regards to the vagus nerve on this final information. You’ll come away with a primary understanding of your nervous system actions and a few particular poses and practices to strive by yourself!

Understanding the Vagus Nerve

When you perceive how your nervous system features, you’ll see the connection between meditation, diaphragmatic breath, the parasympathetic nervous system, and the therapeutic results of a yoga follow.

What and The place Is It?  

The vagus nerve, a vital element of our parasympathetic nervous system, is significant in sustaining a number of important bodily features.

This vital cranial nerve runs from the mind by way of the neck and backbone to the big gut, connecting the mind to the most important very important organs.

Let’s dive deeper into the operate of the nervous system, its affect on well being, its connection to emphasize, nervousness, and trauma restoration, and the function of the mind and exhale on this course of.

Nervous System Overview

The nervous system connects the mind to many very important organs, reminiscent of the center, lungs, and eyes. Nervous system actions are chargeable for all of the unconscious processes that preserve us alive — our heartbeat, breath, digestion, metabolism, and stress response.

  • Sympathetic nervous system: prompts your “struggle or flight” mode by releasing adrenaline when confronted with perceived hazard.
  • Parasympathetic nervous system: prompts your state of “relaxation and digest,” producing a relaxing impact after a threatening scenario.

The vagus nerve is a major factor of the parasympathetic nervous system. You may examine it to an inner superhighway, carrying rest response alerts from the mind to the most important organ techniques that it’s time to settle down.

The Vagus Nerve’s Position

Let’s take a look at all of the completely different techniques this cranial nerve communicates with. It seems that the vagus nerve has a somewhat lengthy record of tasks!

  • Regulates coronary heart price
  • Aids in digestive operate
  • It helps management the speed and depth of breath.
  • Displays blood strain
  • Influences immune response
  • Communicates data from the intestine to the mind

Affect on Bodily and Psychological Nicely-being

But it surely doesn’t cease there. It additionally impacts our bodily and psychological well-being in vital methods.

The time period “vagal tone” refers back to the nerve’s degree of vagus nerve exercise. A excessive vagal tone typically means an individual is bodily wholesome. Sure way of life habits like common bodily exercise, particular meditation and yoga practices, and a nutritious diet can all assist enhance this issue.

When it’s working appropriately, we really feel nice. Nevertheless, when the tone is low:

  • We’d really feel stressed or anxious, even depressed.
  • Bodily irritation, coronary heart price irregularities, and intestine points might come up.
  • It could develop into troublesome to manage our feelings.
  • Persistent fatigue or sleep disturbances can preserve you from getting sufficient relaxation.

So, caring for this important a part of your nervous system and mind is significant to good well being, particularly after trauma!

Stress, Anxiousness, and the Vagus Nerve

Now, let’s discuss stress and nervousness. They’re not simply “in your head” — your physique produces an actual, bodily response to those feelings!

Trauma can mess together with your nervous system. After experiencing a trauma or Advanced PTSD, your sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive, stopping the parasympathetic nervous system from doing its job.

Once we’re confused or anxious:

  • Our coronary heart price quickens
  • The breath turns into speedy and shallow
  • Digestion slows down

These modifications within the nervous system are all on account of decreased vagus nerve exercise or low vagal tone. Once we’re tremendous confused or navigating trauma restoration, it’d appear to be we’ve got no management over how we’re feeling.

Whereas it won’t be a cure-all, you may be capable of soothe your nervous system by giving your vagus nerve a bit of TLC. Not solely can it enhance your bodily signs, however taking motion to assist your scenario might help you’re feeling empowered and extra optimistic.

Science-Backed Advantages of Vagus Nerve Stimulation

The vagus nerve is a specific cranial nerve originating in the brain that significantly impacts how you cope with stress.

So, you possibly can see the significance of protecting your vagal tone excessive. Once you enhance your vagus nerve exercise with actions like meditation or vagus nerve yoga, your general well-being improves in quite a few methods.

Psychological Wellness Increase

As a element of the nervous system that helps regulate temper, stimulating the vagus nerve can enhance psychological well-being.

  • For instance, a research discovered that sufferers with melancholy who obtained stimulation remedy along with common therapy skilled extra optimistic outcomes than these within the management group.
  • One other research used coronary heart price to exhibit the effectiveness of yoga practices to extend vagal tone.

Managing Persistent Ailments

A stimulated vagus nerve might also assist handle power ailments. It controls inflammatory responses and helps regulate coronary heart price and digestion, serving to to maintain signs at bay.

Enhances General Nicely-Being

Common activation of the vagus nerve promotes general well-being. It boosts your rest response, main to higher sleep and feeling much less confused.

Science definitely makes a convincing case for taking over actions that assist your nervous system! Let’s learn the way yoga suits into the combination!

Asanas to Improve Vagal Tone

Yoga may be extra than simply stretching your muscle mass or enhancing your stability. Vagus nerve yoga focuses on postures meant to activate this all-important cranial nerve, producing therapeutic results.

You need to use the next asanas to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, bringing your self deep in calm.

Baby’s Pose (Balasana)

Baby’s Pose encourages rest and deep respiration. It provides your hips and again muscle mass a pleasant stretch that can assist you launch pressure.

  1. Kneel in your mat, sitting again in your heels together with your knees separated and massive toes touching.
  2. Stroll your arms ahead and produce your brow to the ground earlier than you.
  3. Attain the crown of your head ahead as your tailbone reaches again towards your heels, creating size in your backbone.
  4. Stretch your arms overhead and separate your arms to the outer edges of your mat to assist preserve your shoulders relaxed. Alternatively, it’s possible you’ll preserve your arms relaxed by the edges of your physique.
  5. Keep in Balasana for a number of sluggish breaths. Inhale by way of your nostril, and launch pressure out of your hips, again, and shoulders together with your exhalation.


  • Separating your knees will give your stomach extra space to increase as you’re taking deep breaths.
  • Make this posture a extra refreshing expertise: place a bolster (like the one from Manduka beneath) lengthwise beneath your torso to maximise consolation.
  • Should you expertise discomfort in your knees, place a folded blanket or rolled towel between your hamstrings and calves.
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Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose (Viparita Karani)

As an inverted posture, Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose helps alleviate stress and has a relaxing impact on the thoughts.

  1. Place your mat towards a wall and sit sideways, together with your proper hip touching the wall.
  2. Concurrently carry your legs as you lie again onto your mat.
  3. Along with your toes elevated, regulate your physique so your tailbone is as near the wall as potential.
  4. Shut your eyes and settle into this place for five to 10 minutes.
  5. Place a hand in your higher stomach. Discover your stomach rise and fall as you breathe deeply, utilizing your diaphragm.


  • Guarantee you haven’t any pressure in your shoulders or neck, and keep away from turning your head to the facet.
  • Place a cushion or a folded blanket below your hips when you want additional padding.
  • To extend the consequences of the inversion, elevate your hips by stacking a few foam blocks or utilizing a bolster beneath your tailbone.

Savasana (Corpse Pose)

Savasana retains your thoughts and physique calm, permitting your parasympathetic nervous system to do its factor.

  1. Lie down in your mat together with your legs separated as extensive as your hips. Permit your toes to fall open to the edges, fully relaxed.
  2. Convey your arms by your sides together with your palms dealing with up.
  3. Launch any pressure in your shoulders, neck, and jaw.
  4. Shut your eyes and focus your consideration in your breath.
  5. Inhale by way of your nostril, and picture your muscle mass enjoyable much more with every exhale.
  6. Once more, it’s possible you’ll lay one hand in your higher stomach to encourage your diaphragmatic breath.


  • Attempt inserting a bolster or rolled towel below your knees, particularly when you really feel discomfort in your decrease again.
  • Use as many props as you need to make sure most consolation in Savasana! A cushion below your head, a blanket overlaying your whole physique — it’s all about selling rest, so make your self as comfy as potential.

These postures, particularly, are meant that can assist you take deep stomach breaths to get that parasympathetic nervous system enhance. All the time hearken to your physique and modify poses to make sure a secure and helpful follow.

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Thoughts-Physique Therapeutic with Yoga Practices

The vagus nerve's responsibility is to help the brain communicate with the rest of the body, keeping the organs functioning.

How Yoga Stimulates the Vagus Nerve

Yoga practices are magical. They enhance your thoughtsphysique wellness by activating the vagus nerve.

Once you do yoga, this nerve will get a exercise. It sends alerts between your mind and the organs of your physique extra effectively.

For instance, Yoga Nidra is one follow that targets this nerve. This type of meditation helps you sit back and relaxation deeply.

Proof-Primarily based Advantages of Yoga

Science backs up these claims about yoga’s advantages. Research present that common yoga follow can enhance psychological well being and trauma restoration.

How so? Once you’re confused or traumatized, your immune system takes successful. However yoga might help counteract this. Rising vagal tone helps enhance your immune system, facilitating therapeutic.

Trauma restoration sufferers who follow yoga in this research additionally confirmed larger self-compassion and higher coping abilities.

So yeah, you possibly can think about yoga a holistic therapy for each physique and thoughts!

Lengthy-Time period Results of Constant Yoga Observe

Now, don’t count on instantaneous outcomes from doing a few solar salutations! It’s all about consistency in follow.

Often training yoga can result in long-term optimistic results on mind-body wellness. You’ll begin to discover enhancements in the way you deal with stress. Over time, you’ll additionally see your self feeling extra centered and calm.

Keep in mind, it’s not nearly placing poses but in addition about incorporating somatic psychology into motion. Which means being totally current in every posture and noticing the way it feels in your muscle mass.

Vagus Stimulation by way of Deep Respiratory

Deep, diaphragmatic breaths help stimulate the vagus nerve, activating the rest and digest response of the parasympathetic system.

Deep Respiratory Prompts the Vagus Nerve

Taking deep breaths can get up your vagus nerve. Once you breathe in, your diaphragm goes down, and your lungs fill with air. This motion stimulates the vagus nerve.

  • Inhalation: Your coronary heart price quickens a bit.
  • Exhalation: Your coronary heart price slows down. The longer you exhale, the extra your coronary heart price slows down, due to the vagus nerve.

Advantages of Deep Respiratory Workout routines

Deep respiration workouts can enhance your “vagal tone.” As , the next vagal tone means your physique can calm down quicker after irritating conditions.

  • Rest Response: By stimulating the parasympathetic system, deep respiration triggers a rest response.
  • Calming Impact: It helps cut back nervousness and stress ranges as your coronary heart slows down and your physique relaxes.

Correct Method to Carry out Deep Respiratory Workout routines

To get most profit from these workouts, doing them appropriately is important.

  • Sit or lie flat in a cushty place.
  • Put one hand in your stomach beneath your ribs and the opposite in your chest.
  • Take a sluggish, deep breath by way of your nostril for a depend of 4.
  • Exhale slowly by way of your mouth for a depend of seven whereas urgent frivolously on the abdomen space the place you’re feeling most motion.
  • Repeat this course of for 5-10 minutes each day.

Keep in mind: Throughout inhalation, you shouldn’t really feel your chest transfer a lot. Give attention to drawing your inhale down into your stomach. Preserve your exhale clean and lengthy.

Observe makes excellent! With time, these strategies will develop into second nature, and also you’ll begin feeling their calming results extra profoundly.

Improved Nicely-being with Yoga

Practicing yoga, especially postures that stimulate the vagus nerve, can help reduce stress and improve your overall health.

It’s no secret that yoga is a wonderful approach to preserve your self wholesome and feeling good. It will possibly decrease blood strain, enhance circulation, enhance respiratory operate by way of breath consciousness and pranayama practices, and bolster the brain-body connection.

Incorporating particular poses into your each day routine can activate the vagus nerve, enhancing mind-body therapeutic. These science-backed advantages exhibit how yoga can enhance mind operate and provides us extra management of our feelings, providing practitioners deeper insights for simpler trauma restoration and therapy for circumstances reminiscent of Advanced PTSD.

Varied yoga practices and deep respiration workouts can considerably contribute to general wellness by growing vagal tone and, on this approach, assist your wellness journey, whether or not you’re in trauma restoration or simply wish to carry a way of stability to your life all the way down to a neurological degree.

So what are you ready for? Begin your journey in direction of improved well being right now by incorporating these easy but efficient postures into your each day routine.

FAQ 1: Can yoga assist enhance vagal tone?

Sure, sure poses are recognized to stimulate the vagus nerve successfully. This activation contributes to improved bodily and psychological wellness.

FAQ 2: What particular advantages does a excessive vagal tone supply?

Rising vagal tone is related to numerous advantages, reminiscent of decreased stress ranges, enhanced temper, higher sleep high quality, and improved intestine well being.

FAQ 3: How typically ought to I follow these poses for optimum outcomes?

For finest outcomes, it is suggested that you just incorporate these particular asanas into your each day routine. It doesn’t take a lot — only a few minutes in your mat every day!

FAQ 4: Are there any dangers related to training vagus nerve yoga?

Usually, these poses detailed on this publish are secure for most individuals. Nevertheless, seek the advice of a healthcare skilled earlier than beginning any new train routine when you’ve got any pre-existing medical circumstances or accidents.

FAQ 5: Do I would like particular tools to follow vagus nerve yoga at dwelling?

No particular tools is required for many of those poses. Nevertheless, having a great high quality mat from lululemon can improve your consolation and stability throughout follow.

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