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What Is a Kundalini Awakening and How To Do It?

Key Takeaway

Kundalini awakening is a transformative rise of non secular power via chakras, achievable with practices like Kundalini yoga. Preparation is essential to navigate potential unintended effects and improve the optimistic influence on non secular progress.

Kundalini awakening has just lately change into a considerably buzzword within the non secular world, however kundalini power just isn’t one thing new.

You will have heard {that a} kundalini awakening is a robust private transformation or that it results in non secular enlightenment. However in case you’re fascinated about making an attempt this non secular follow, you must first perceive what it entails.

On this information, we’ll clarify what kundalini power is, what it means to awaken Kundalini, and the method of doing it.

What’s Kundalini Power?


Kundalini is a type of divine female power (also referred to as Shakti). In tantra teachings, it’s outlined as power that lies throughout the physique, often on the base of the backbone. The Sanskrit phrase Kundalini has a number of translations, comparable to “round,” “coiled,” and “snake.”

Kundalini teachings first appeared in historic Hindu textual content, The Upanishads, written between 800 to 500 B.C. Shakti and Tantra colleges of Hinduism confer with Kundalini power as a serpent energy and is usually represented as a coiled snake in illustrations. Furthermore, in Śhaiva Tantra, it’s believed to be a drive related to the formless facet of the Goddess.

It’s mentioned that kundalini power lies dormant within the root chakra (Muladhara chakra), ready to maneuver its means up the opposite six chakras (power facilities). Nevertheless, teachings state that the power can solely rise if all chakras are open and clear. Thus, for many individuals, it’s by no means woke up.

Even so, it’s believed that Kundalini is a potent life-force power that, when woke up, can lead to an intense non secular awakening or liberation. Because of this an increasing number of non secular seekers, yogis, and new-age practitioners are beginning to comply with the traditional follow of kundalini yoga.

What Does it Imply to Have a Kundalini Awakening?

An awakening is when the dormant kundalini power rises from the bottom of the backbone all the best way as much as the seventh chakra, Sahasrara. Many individuals who’ve skilled a kundalini awakening describe it as a remarkably highly effective non secular expertise.

It might really feel like a sudden surge of power shifting via your physique, with or with out uncontrollable bodily motion like shaking, jerking, or spasms. Furthermore, some individuals report a sense of sensory overload as it’s taking place. On a psychological and non secular stage, you might discover enhanced consciousness and the power to maneuver previous your ego.

Whereas a kundalini awakening is a psychophysical expertise, it differs from a psychotic break. It’s because a kundalini awakening could seem spontaneously or out of the blue. Nevertheless, it outcomes from extended engagement in Kundalini yoga meditation, breathwork, or different tantric practices.

In contrast to a psychotic break, a kundalini awakening just isn’t one thing anybody can have at any time. As an alternative, it outcomes from being devoted to your non secular journey and follow. What’s extra, with psychosis, the sufferer often believes in an altered actuality and desires to remain there. Nevertheless, somebody with a kundalini expertise will retain a transparent sense of actuality and their regular way of thinking.

That being mentioned, some individuals attempt to “quick monitor” their strategy to experiencing woke up Kundalini with entheogenic medicine, comparable to LSD. Nevertheless, this methodology just isn’t advisable as it may be harmful and distressing (extra on that later).

What’s the Distinction Between Religious Awakening and Kundalini Awakening?

Kundalini awakenings are sometimes known as non secular awakenings, however they’re technically not the identical factor.

Religious awakenings are inner psychological and emotional experiences. They will occur via non secular practices comparable to yoga or meditation, or they are often triggered by traumatic or life-changing occasions. For instance, many individuals declare to expertise a non secular awakening after they change into terminally sick or they lose all their cash.

You’ll seemingly query your life, values, and beliefs throughout a non secular awakening. Furthermore, you might detach out of your ego and get up from the identification of the self. It’s a discard of the non-public identification and understanding of the common oneness.

A kundalini awakening, nonetheless, is an brisk strategy of life drive shifting via the chakras. Due to this fact, it can not happen from a life occasion however via long-term non secular follow, leading to a shift in consciousness.

A kundalini awakening additionally provides insights into the true nature of actuality however often on a extra profound and rather more intense stage. The expertise could also be accompanied by some uncommon and uncomfortable signs. Nonetheless, usually, it leads to intense waves of bliss and bodily pleasure.

Lastly, as Kundalini is about reaching enlightenment, much more individuals have non secular awakenings than kundalini awakenings. Thus, some individuals could mistake a kundalini awakening for a non secular expertise.

What Occurs After a Kundalini Awakening?

It’s widespread to really feel intense feelings after the Kundalini awakening course of. Nonetheless, as it’s a private expertise, the emotions can fluctuate. For instance, some individuals really feel excessive pleasure and peace, whereas others expertise concern, confusion, or unhappiness.

Kundalini awakenings can carry up previous experiences and trauma. It’s because the method frees up energetic blockages and releases deeply held rigidity in your neuro-physical being. That is purely a part of the therapeutic course of, although. In truth, a South African examine discovered Kundalini Yoga efficient in post-traumatic progress.

Most individuals who undergo a kundalini awakening expertise adjustments and shifts over a number of years. As soon as the kundalini power awakens, it continues flowing via your system, altering your ideas and feelings as your thoughts opens as much as your new actuality and better consciousness.

As this occurs, it’s common to see adjustments in your relationships. You’ll in all probability discover some change into stronger whereas others break down. As well as, many individuals additionally discover that when Kundalini awakens, they uncover and connect with their life objective.

Though what individuals expertise differs, a kundalini awakening is everlasting. Thus, the expertise considerably adjustments an individual’s way of thinking and life.

Advantages of Awakening Kundalini Power

kundalini energy

As we’ve mentioned, the activation of Kundalini Shakti can have highly effective results on us human beings. The method could really feel intense, however it definitely has many life-changing advantages, comparable to:

  • A relaxed, clearer thoughts free from fixed and repetitive ideas
  • Deep emotions of bliss, gratitude, and pleasure
  • Extra empathy and compassion in the direction of others and your self
  • Elevated creativity and inspiration
  • Self-realization and a deeper connection to your life’s objective
  • Enhanced psychic skills and heightened senses

Though there’s not a lot scientific analysis on kundalini awakenings, there have been some research on the impact of kundalini yoga. For instance, a 2018 examine revealed within the Worldwide Journal of Yoga Remedy discovered the follow of kundalini yoga to be efficient at lowering signs of generalized anxiousness dysfunction.

Moreover, a 2017 examine measured the results of kundalini yoga on stress and located that the follow can decrease elevated ranges of cortisol (the first stress hormone).

Indicators You Are Going Via a Kundalini Awakening

We already touched on the variations between a kundalini awakening and a non secular revelation or psychotic break. Nonetheless, some key indicators may help you establish if you’re experiencing activation of the divine female power.

Furthermore, some indicators might be scary and unsightly, so it’s greatest to be ready for when your Kundalini awakens. So in case you’re searching for to expertise Kundalini, right here’s what to look out for.

Nice Signs

  • Intense waves of bliss and pleasure that may really feel just like an orgasm
  • A brand new sense of oneness with the universe
  • Sudden perception or flashes of latest knowledge
  • A surge in creativity
  • A sense of attachment from the ego and materials realm
  • Extra synchronicities in your life
  • Emotions of affection and compassion for individuals you beforehand had tensions with

Disagreeable Signs

  • Uncontrollable shaking, jerking, or spasms – apparently, this occurs when the chakras should not absolutely clear. The blockages make it troublesome for the power to movement freely up the backbone.
  • Elevated sensitivity to mild and sound or a complete sensory overload
  • Listening to uncommon sounds inside your physique like buzzing or musical devices

Is a Kundalini Awakening Harmful?

For most individuals, an awakening is a optimistic expertise they’re ready for as they’ve been practising kundalini yoga and different activation methods. So that they know what to anticipate and are bodily, mentally, and spiritually prepared for it.

Nevertheless, Kundalini awakenings might be disagreeable and even harmful in case you try them with out steerage. For instance, suppose Kundalini prematurely awakens in somebody unprepared and never prepared for it. In that case, it can lead to very uncomfortable signs, probably inflicting immense havoc to that particular person’s way of thinking. Because of this following and practising non secular disciplines like Kundalini yoga is crucial earlier than making an attempt to awaken the power.

Damaging intense experiences sometimes happen when somebody makes use of a drug comparable to LCD to rapidly awaken Kundalini. In these circumstances, the particular person has not completed the mandatory non secular prep work to organize themselves. In consequence, it feels extra like a foul drug journey than a optimistic and life-changing inside transformation.

What’s Kundalini Syndrome?

Kundalini syndrome is a time period given to individuals whose kundalini experiences contain unfavourable signs just like a psychological sickness or painful bodily signs. This often happens when the particular person just isn’t prepared for the awakening. Thus, the power will get blocked within the decrease chakras and can’t rise absolutely.

Kundalini syndrome might be sudden and dramatic or begin slowly, step by step growing in depth over time.

Widespread bodily indicators of kundalini syndrome are:

  • Muscle cramps or spasms
  • Emotions of electrical energy or lightning bolts contained in the physique
  • Itchy or prickly sensations on the pores and skin
  • Complications or migraines
  • Modifications in physique temperature comparable to intense emotions of cold and hot, significantly alongside the backbone or within the chakra power facilities
  • Elevated coronary heart price or pains within the chest
  • Digestive points, like diarrhea or constipation
  • Ache or rigidity within the physique, generally the again or neck

Widespread psychological indicators of kundalini syndrome are:

  • Despair and unfavourable feelings
  • Hallucinations
  • Spontaneous vocalizations comparable to uncontrollable laughing or crying
  • Temper swings or emotional outbursts
  • Disconnection from actuality, in extreme circumstances
  • Insomnia
  • Decreased urge for food
  • Extremes in power ranges – hyperactivity or fatigue

Learn how to Awaken Kundalini Power

You need to search a non secular instructor or guru to keep away from experiencing kundalini syndrome and cut back the chance of disagreeable signs. This must be somebody who understands this non secular power and ideally has skilled their very own kundalini awakening.

After you have somebody to information you down this non secular path, you must follow the next issues frequently.

Kundalini yoga

The kind of yoga present in most western yoga courses derives from Hatha yoga, a conventional follow that focuses on the bodily facet of yoga referred to as asana (the poses). Nevertheless, another types of yoga focus on totally different elements of the follow.

Kundalini yoga is a type of Tantra yoga. It combines deep respiration, kriyas (cleaning methods), mudras (sacred hand actions), mantras (phrases or phrases), and bodily workout routines (asanas). Thus, it is extremely totally different from the vinyasa yoga class you might be acquainted with.

A kundalini yoga class sometimes entails varied respiration methods, lots of that are carried out with dynamic arm actions. The session can even characteristic meditation, Sanskrit chanting, and yoga postures.

Most kundalini yoga asanas goal the navel and backbone and apply stress on particular physique factors and meridians. Respiratory methods contain the applying of the three Bandhas ( yogic locks), that are believed to direct and management the movement of Kundalini power from the decrease chakras to the upper power facilities.

One widespread pranayama taught in kundalini yoga is alternate nostril respiration (Nadi Shodhana). It entails inhaling via one nostril and respiration out via the opposite, then reversing the method. The strategy helps to cleanse the refined channels and pathways referred to as the Nadis, which may help awaken the divine power.

It’s believed that kundalini yoga follow may help activate and awaken the non secular power on the base of the backbone. Specifically, it’s stimulated throughout yogic respiration when prana and Apana merge on the third chakra (the Manipura).

Kundalini yoga is an important methodology to comply with when making an attempt to awaken Kundalini. It’s because the kriyas and meditations are designed to extend physique consciousness and facilitate a cautious purification of all the system. This prepares the physique, thoughts, and nervous system to deal with the extraordinary power of rising Kundalini.

Sivananda Saraswati and Yogi Bhajan are two of essentially the most influential academics accountable for bringing kundalini yoga to the western world. At the moment you’ll find kundalini courses in lots of yoga studios. As well as, there are workshops and retreats worldwide that may train you on a deeper stage how Kundalini works.

kundalini yoga


Cultivating a every day meditation follow is crucial when getting ready for an awakening. Kundalini meditations contain chakra visualizations and mantra chanting. When working with kundalini power in meditation, you must give attention to the third eye chakra (the area between the eyebrows).

Mantras enable you focus throughout meditation and are essential to kundalini meditation. In contrast to different types of yoga and meditation, Kundalini sometimes entails chanting in Gurmukhi, a sacred Indian language, moderately than Sanskrit.

Mudras are one other device you should utilize in every day meditation, such because the broadly acquainted Gyan mudra. Holding hand gestures whereas meditating may help you focus and assist to direct power movement alongside particular pathways just like the central channel.


Power therapeutic work

Whereas Kundalini yoga and meditation could give attention to the higher chakras to attract power as much as the crown chakra, it’s equally, if no more necessary, to work on the decrease chakras. The three decrease chakras (root, sacral, and photo voltaic plexus) are essentially the most earthy power facilities. They’re accountable for preserving us grounded within the bodily realm.

Suppose the power within the decrease chakras just isn’t robust and free-flowing. In that case, we are able to expertise psychological disturbances throughout a kundalini awakening, comparable to feeling confused or indifferent from actuality. So by doing power therapeutic work on the decrease chakras, via practices like Reiki or crystal therapeutic, you’ll take away any power blocks current.

Moreover, power blocks are widespread within the center chakras, the center and throat chakras, so that you also needs to do some power therapeutic work there.

For instance, suppose you’re unconsciously holding onto previous harm or resentment, comparable to not letting go of a previous relationship or household battle. In that case, the coronary heart chakra will seemingly be blocked. Or, you probably have skilled being silenced, ignored, or made to really feel like your voice is unimportant, there could also be life drive stagnation within the throat chakra.

Shaking and dancing

One strategy to drive power via the physique is to maneuver the bodily physique dynamically, comparable to with uncontrolled shaking or dancing.

Religious guru Osho created a dynamic Kundalini meditation with 4 phases: shaking, dancing, sitting in stillness, and complete rest mendacity down. While you change into absolutely immersed within the shaking and dancing, it’s mentioned to “soften” any power repression and blockages, thus, bettering the power movement via the central channel.


Tantric Intimacy

Based on tantric teachings, the power created via intimate power is potent and may stimulate Kundalini. Nevertheless, that is solely the case if you’re aware of the life drive circulating throughout intercourse and discover ways to harness it appropriately.

With tantric intimacy, breath management is crucial for circulating power up the central channel. In addition to respiration deeply, you must attempt to synchronize your breath along with your companions, creating unity between one another and the divine. It additionally entails creating extended, ecstatic bodily build-up; thus, tantric intimacy wants aware effort from each individuals to be

Prayer, intention, and devotion

Bhakti yoga is the yoga of devotion and may help you progress additional alongside your non secular path. Likewise, Jnana yoga is the yoga of knowledge, which entails finding out sacred scriptures, self-inquiry, and contemplation. Like Bhakti yoga, Jnana yoga may help you progress nearer to enlightenment and pace up the method of kundalini awakening.

Getting ready for a Kundalini Awakening

Apart from the above practices, listed here are some further recommendations on getting ready for and dealing with a kundalini awakening.

Search help

Though many individuals study Hatha yoga on their very own, maybe at dwelling through Youtube movies, this isn’t the case with Kundalini yoga. When embarking on a kundalini journey, you must search help and steerage from an skilled instructor or guru. That is particularly necessary when a kundalini awakening occurs. Having recommendation from somebody with information and expertise will enable you navigate the adjustments and shifts.

Give up to the method

Like with all non secular practices, the important thing to development is to let go of any expectations and assumptions. If you happen to attempt to management the method by anticipating an awakening by a sure date, you’ll seemingly simply block power movement. Due to this fact, attempt to give up solely with out making an attempt to manage or decide the method.

Be affected person

Lastly, do not forget that you can’t activate kundalini power in a single day and even inside a number of weeks. For most individuals, it takes years of normal non secular work. Nevertheless, by sustaining persistence and dedication, there’s a good probability you’ll expertise the activation of the divine power.

If you happen to lose persistence and motivation in your non secular journey, strive practising the Shuni Mudra. Often known as “The Seal of Endurance,” this hand gesture may help domesticate extra persistence, discernment, and dedication.

shuni mudra

The Significance of Eating regimen and Vitamin in Kundalini Awakening

When discussing Kundalini awakening, the main target is usually on practices like yoga, meditation, and non secular actions. Nevertheless, one facet that deserves consideration is the position of eating regimen and vitamin. It appears that evidently this specific facet is typically neglected, however it holds significance.

Throughout a Kundalini awakening, your physique experiences power transformations. It’s akin to getting ready for an occasion like a marathon. Simply as you wouldn’t embark on a marathon with out gas, the identical precept applies to this journey. Consuming nourishing meals that increase power ranges can have an effect. I’ve observed that incorporating plant-based meals into my eating regimen has helped me really feel lighter and extra linked to my practices.

Hydration additionally performs a job. Ingesting an enough quantity of water aids in managing the movement of power extra successfully. It’s just like making certain pathways for power motion inside your system. I’ve additionally experimented with lowering my consumption of caffeine and processed meals, leading to decreased restlessness and elevated psychological readability.

Moreover, integrating meals that correspond to the chakras can provide advantages. As an example, root greens for the basis chakra or leafy greens for the center chakra are examples of how dietary decisions can complement your path.

It’s intriguing to watch how one’s eating regimen can positively affect their growth.

Remember that it’s not about following eating regimen plans or feeling disadvantaged. The bottom line is to nourish your physique as you undergo the method of awakening. Take note of your physique’s alerts. It has the knowledge to information you thru the expertise of Kundalini awakening.

Dealing with Kundalini Aspect Results

coping with kundalini side effects

It’s necessary to notice you can expertise some unfavourable signs of a kundalini awakening even if you’re ready for and prepared for the expertise. If this occurs, know that it’s a non permanent section and a mandatory a part of the method. Listed below are some issues that may enable you transfer via it and expertise the brighter aspect of Kundalini rising.

  • Get loads of sleep and relaxation
  • Spend time in nature – stroll barefoot or hug a tree
  • Eat healthful, grounding meals like natural greens
  • Take a salt bathtub
  • Take a break out of your non secular follow
  • Keep away from caffeine, alcohol, or medicine throughout this era

Remaining Ideas on Kundalini Awakening

kundalini awakening

Everybody responds otherwise to the activation of kundalini power. So to attenuate the possibility of experiencing unfavourable signs, put together your physique, thoughts, and spirit with yoga, breath management, and meditation. Whereas a full-blown awakening could also be your aim, do not forget that the sacred practices of yoga, meditation, and power work have highly effective advantages, even when it doesn’t result in enlightenment.

Pop quiz! 🧘🤔

Kundalini Awakening may end up from a single yoga session.

Kundalini power is usually depicted as a coiled snake.

Kundalini Awakening and non secular awakening are the identical.

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