Dear men…

men making you feel uncomofertable

Dear men…

Oooh are you feeling uncomfortable me asking you this question?

Well good this is how I feel every time you try to touch me or come close to me or even pass by because I automatically think this man will try to touch me. Because of all of you who love to get into my space and make me feel uncomfortable I think every man is like this and it is not like that because there are a lot of good men. See you are ruining image of men because you feel you can do whatever you want your stupid ego. I don’t see you trying to make another man uncomfortably is that? Because they know they can’t do it for many reasons first they respect them and they don’t respect us, they feel we are women and they can do anything to us. If you don’t do it with another man don’t do it with us learn to respect us because we are also human beings. Has a man ever made you feel uncomfortable?

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