10 Women Post Unedited Pics To “Normalize Normal Bodies”

10 Women Post Unedited Pics To “Normalize Normal Bodies”

For years, advertising has portrayed women in a “perfect” way—a tiny waist, a large chest, you know the drill—and now, the same type of portrayal is all over social media. It’s easy to look at photos of these perfect women and then feel badly about  your own.But that stops now. Introducing: the “Normalize Normal Bodies” movement. Created by a women named Mia, the movement helps to show other women what a “normal” body looks like—full of perfect imperfections. After posting her own initial photo that showed off some belly rolls, the “Normalize Normal Bodies” movement took off. Thousands of women share their completely raw, unedited bodies, and it’s incredibly heartwarming. And here are some beautiful photos of movement “Normalize Normal Bodies”




Normalize Normal Bodies: Bionickick



Normalize Normal Bodies: Marriedmomandmantras


We can respect our reflection without loving it.
Respect it with clothes that fit instead of squeezing it into clothes that don’t.

The continuous promotion

of these types of images can lead to an obsessiveness for perfection, and this in itself could be the underlying psychological disorder that leads to the eating disorder Anorexia Nervosa,” Albuquerque, the UKAT Group Head of Treatment explained how photo-edited pictures can affect us.

According to the expert, acceptance and a love for oneself “comes from within but is hugely influenced by environmental factors.” That means that all of us, in part, are responsible for how welcome (or unwelcome) some people feel.

“As a society, we must work together to create a culture of self-love and support, and this means by ensuring the promotion of as many different body types, shapes, colors, and sizes as possible. If a young girl is brought up only seeing one type of woman in advertisements, on social media, in films and music videos, in her family and close friends circles, then seeing something different in herself could cause confusion. This confusion could then manifest itself into an unhealthy mental health state


embrace yourself

Your GOAL WEIGHT is not always your HEALTHY WEIGHT.
I often get asked how I became comfortable with my WEIGHT, with my BODY. How I stopped restricting. I began eating. And how I let myself slide into swimsuits and shorts and didn’t pick apart the cellulite, the stretchmarks, the soft folds that slunk over seams.
These questions are coming in more right now, as so many of us are home, slowing down, sliding into our thoughts.

And like SELF LOVE itself, the answer is complicated.
Because those thoughts never entirely go away. They’re part of being human.

Yet BODY ACCEPTANCE isn’t about always feeling only sunshine and rainbows.
It’s about feeling what I feel, but knowing in the same breath that my BODY says nothing about my WORTH as a woman.
That no matter WHAT, I deserve to EAT.
That I can have fitness goals, but they should come from a place of LOVE, not of punishment or restriction.

And that a NUMBER on a SCALE can not, should not EVER define or control me. Even if it once did. Even if once it was all I thought about for days on end.
So here’s a little reminder for any of you struggling right now with the urge to diet or shrink or minimize all that you are:
Know that incredible GOALS can have NOTHING TO DO with WEIGHT, and EVERYTHING to do with HEALTH.
Good luck out there girl.
You’ve got this.



I always have a hard time with these posts. Because even though I try to post real candid photos, I still have a tough time being completely vulnerable and open.

But I just wanted to show you guys, what a wonder posing and high waisted pants are. They can completely change your perception of someone’s body.

I spent so long hating my body instead of celebrating it. And I can honestly say I am finally content in my skin. I know that my body is ever changing. It is growing and shrinking, and then growing and shrinking again..

But I have definitely spent a lifetime hiding it up until now. I’ve perfected the art of dressing for my “body type” and posing my body in photos. And I naturally suck in my stomach at all times due to years of doing it.

We all have things that we don’t like about ourselves. Our tummies, our bums, our thighs, our chicken wings, our back fat.. but we’re all just trying to love ourselves fully, and that includes those things we’ve tried to hide in the past.

It’s an uphill battle. But we all deserve grace. We all deserve support. So let’s be kind. To ourselves. And to others.

And if I may, I implore that you stop comparing yourself to the people you see on Instagram. What you see isn’t reality most of the time. Is it intentional? Sometimes. Sometimes not. But what I can say with 100% certainty is that comparison is most definitely the thief of joy.


love yourself

Zazon started the hashtag as part of her fight against disordered eating and the mental illness problems that it walks hand-in-hand with. Or, as she put it, “Screw diet culture. Screw weight loss programs. Screw our healthcare system for basing our health by the number on the scale. My body was smarter than me all along. My body was normal all along.”

She aims to include every type of body in her movement: “As a cis woman, I’ve faced unique challenges in accepting my body. Within the #normalizenormalbodies movement no size, weight, gender, sex, color, and shape is excluded.”



After losing over 200 pounds I am left with loose skin. A little reminder on this #mondaymotivation not everything you see on Instagram isn’t what it is. I get a lot of questions about loose skin. From did you have it removed to will you get it removed. The skin is here as you can see on the right.

This is my reminder of all the hard work that I have put into myself. No surgery, no diets, no pills and no keto. Simple calorie deficit and a lifestyle change is what helped me.

Now that I have the loose skin my issue is retaining fluid. Now that I have been incorporating more carbs and calories my skin likes to retain it. This is way my body does and I keep everything transparent with you all. This may not happen to everyone but it does to me.

Rather if I get loos kin surgery or not it doesn’t take from the hard work that was put in to make this happen. There is a possibility that I will get it removed. It’s hard having this in the way. It gets heavy and now I’m starting to have more back issues than I typically would. Even started have skin issues. It’s almost been a year since I’ve maintained. I do fluctuate a lot especially right now as I’m prepping for my next competition.


look how beautiful you are

This photo is for the multiple men who tuned in to my tik tok live on saturday, saw someone passionately speaking about their small business and their first instinct was to tell me that I “have more rolls than Swiss Chalet” , that “Montreal must have a lot of food”, and that I should “put down the fork”

I’m actually glad you said it live so you could see exactly how little you’ve affected me.

However, I’m terrified for the women who, through no fault of their own, will be the next ones to receive your bs comments and take them to to heart. Who will hear your words every single time they look in the mirror; and who won’t show up online anymore until they lose weight; who will literally starve themselves and lose all peace of mind… just because of something you won’t even remember 5 minutes later…

So let’s remember that, unless you’re their doctor, another persons weight is none of your [freaking] business




what a beauty you are

I have never had what I consider a happy valentine’s day and this day won’t be an exception. But I want to change that.

The narrative that you have to be loved by someone else to determine how important you are, is normal…we are humans who seek for love, but that shouldn’t make us feel like s**t.

I let that narrative control 1 day and it affected the rest 364 days and I thought that it was because I didn’t demonstrate enough my love to others. So one day I decided to give what I wanted to have to someone else…but never got it back. And that was my mistake. Expecting a reciprocal love from someone when I needed to give that love to myself first.

We like them but we don’t need flowers, chocolates or gifts to know that someone is thinking about us…and YOU are someone


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