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Seal Pose Perfection: A Yogi’s Information to a Supple Backbone

Coronary heart openers are a few of my absolute favourite yoga poses. They invite us to embrace vulnerability and braveness concurrently, exploring the refined stability between energy and give up.

Seal Pose is an ideal instance of those qualities. It’s an intense spinal extension and chest opener, but the entrance of the physique is grounded firmly to the earth. It channels consideration to the lumbar and stomach areas, using yin power to domesticate resilience.

Integrating this asana into your apply unlocks a model of internal fortitude that harmonizes the thoughts with the physique’s capabilities.

Let’s dive into the magic of Seal Pose. I’ll information you thru it step-by-step; then, we’ll discover its many bodily and energetic advantages and the way it may be a robust instrument for transformation each on and off the mat.

Get to Know Seal Pose

My first introduction to this posture was as a pupil in a Yin Yoga class, however you may additionally come throughout it in a Hatha or Vinyasa sequence.

Technically, this asana is a sophisticated variation of Sphinx Pose, identified in Sanskrit as salamba bhujangasana or “supported Cobra pose.” Because of this, you additionally would possibly hear it referred to as “Cobra Pose arms unfold variation.”

As you may need guessed, its English identify comes from its resemblance to a seal elevating its head and chest from the bottom because it basks within the solar.

You may categorize Seal Pose in a number of methods — susceptible, backbend, and coronary heart opener, to call a couple of. Because the posture is a deeper expression of Sphinx, it’s applicable for intermediate to superior college students.

Spot the Distinction — Seal, Cobra, Upward Going through Canine

Seal seems to be fairly just like Cobra Pose or Upward Going through Canine; nonetheless, there are important variations in alignment and muscle engagement. All three poses fall beneath the identical class of susceptible spinal extension. Right here’s a cheat sheet to recollect the important thing variations between them

To summarize, this “Cobra Pose Arms Unfold Variation” is extra of a Yin or restorative pose, activating particular power channels, whereas the others use extra muscle activation. To elucidate it higher, let’s spotlight the energetic results of the asana.

Energetic Intention of Seal Pose

When training Seal Pose in Yin Yoga, you usually maintain the place in stillness for a few minutes. Nevertheless, simply because your physique continues to be doesn’t imply issues aren’t flowing internally. This asana holds intense transformational energy in affecting the physique’s energies.

This powerful yin yoga pose targets specific energetic channels in the body, including the sacral chakra.

Yin Meridian Focus

Yin Yoga facilities round meridians – power highways in our our bodies. Seal Pose targets particularly the kidney and urinary bladder meridians. Any meridian changing into blocked or stagnant impacts us emotionally and bodily.

The kidney and urinary bladder meridians relate to the factor of water and govern emotions of concern, braveness, and knowledge. By training this deep compression of the lumbar backbone in Seal Pose, you encourage power movement via these pathways, permitting your self to let go of concern and insecurity.

Chakra Connection

As a heart-opening posture, Seal Pose stimulates the guts chakra. And, because the entrance physique stretches out, the Sacral and Photo voltaic Plexus chakras are extra activated. The emotional qualities of those chakras mirror the identical because the kidney and urinary bladder:

So, if you happen to’ve been self-conscious, anxious, fearful, or closed-off, this asana can assist you launch these emotions and produce your entire being into a cheerful, harmonious movement.

Seal Pose Step-by-Step Information

Seal Pose begins with a susceptible place (mendacity in your stomach), strikes via Sphinx, after which progresses to the ultimate straight-arms place. Taking time to reach on the ultimate expression is essential to keep away from harm threat. Observe these steps to enter and exit the asana safely.

Starting Place

  1. Lie down in your stomach along with your arms at your sides and your brow in your mat.
  2. Separate your ft to a hip-width distance or a little bit wider.
  3. Inhale deeply, and as you exhale, let your entire physique calm down.

Shifting Into Sphinx

Sphinx pose is the base position for Seal. The main difference is that in Sphinx, the forearms stay grounded.
  1. Carry your arms ahead. Start to carry your higher physique off the mat and produce your elbows instantly beneath your shoulders.
  2. Align your forearms parallel to the lengthy edges of your mat. Press your forearms and palms into the bottom, fingers unfold vast.
  3. Elevate your chest and head as you press the ground away. Widen your collarbones and shoulder blades.
  4. Make house between your ears and shoulders.
  5. Maintain your gaze on the ground a couple of ft in entrance of you, conserving size in your backbone.
  6. Keep on this place for a couple of breaths.

Deepen the Stretch

  1. Activate your core muscle tissue by urgent your navel in and up.
  2. Take a deep inhale. Press your palms firmly into the ground and straighten your arms slowly as you exhale.
  3. You’ll really feel deep compression in your lumbar backbone, which is regular. When you really feel any capturing ache sensations, decrease down gently.
  4. Maintain your head aligned along with your backbone by gazing ahead.
  5. Maintain your full expression of the asana for 7 to 10 sluggish, deep breaths.

Exiting Safely

  1. With an exhale, bend your elbows and decrease right down to your forearms.
  2. In your subsequent exhale, decrease all the way in which down and return to stomach savasana.

In my private yoga apply and instructing, I’ve found that breath consciousness is the key to success on this posture. Whether or not transferring between positions or holding the stretch, preserve your thoughts extremely attuned to your respiration, and also you’ll be blissfully basking like a seal on a sunny seaside.

Alignment Ideas and Cues

Listed below are a few of my alignment pro-tips for college students working in direction of refining their alignment or new yoga lecturers questioning the best way to cue this asana.

  • Hand Placement: Your palms are your anchor on this asana. Plant your palms firmly in your mat along with your fingers unfold vast.
  • Conscious Leg Placement: Pay shut consideration to the way you place your legs. They need to be hip-width aside or a little bit wider, toes pointing straight again with the tops of the ft on the ground.
  • Elevate Gently and Slowly: Use every inhale and exhale to information your actions. Attempt to use the whole size of your breath to maneuver progressively via every step slightly than popping into place.
  • Place of the Elbows: Maintain a micro-bend in your elbows to keep away from hyperextending, even when your arms are straight. You may even preserve them barely bent if straightening the arms fully is simply too intense.
  • Shoulder Energy: The place of your shoulders is important in Seal Pose. They have to stay engaged however not shrugged as much as your ears. That manner, you’ll construct energy with out creating pressure.
  • Neck Place: Maintain your neck lengthy and impartial, aligning it with the remainder of your backbone. Keep away from throwing your head again, which might pressure these delicate muscle tissue and vertebrae.
  • Maintain With Stillness: Goal to take care of this expression of this asana for 1 to 2 minutes. Stillness and time are very important parts of Yin postures, permitting the stretch to succeed in the physique’s smooth tissues.
  • Breathe Deeply: Consider taking deep, even breaths from begin to end. Breath management is essential for sustaining focus and avoiding harm.

Seal Pose Versus Sphinx Pose

As I discussed when introducing this asana, Seal Pose is an alternate model of Sphinx Pose. Visually, you may see the distinction because of the straightened arms. Let’s discover the opposite elements that set these poses aside.

  • Depth: This variation takes the mild curve of Sphinx Pose up a notch. By straightening the arms, it lifts the torso larger off the bottom. This motion creates a extra pronounced arch within the again in comparison with Sphinx.
  • Arm Energy: In contrast to Sphinx, the place forearms help physique weight, Seal requires robust arms. Straightened arms bear extra load, difficult your higher physique energy.
  • Deeper Belly Stretch: A deeper backbend means the entrance of your physique lengthens extra. You’ll really feel the stretch in your abdominals intensify as you straighten your arms.
  • Deeper Compression: The extra intense curve in your again means deep compression on your lumbar backbone. In Sphinx Pose, the decrease again is extra elongated.

For a extra in-depth rationalization of the variations between Seal, Sphinx, Upward Going through Canine, and Cobra Pose, watch this beneficial video:

Advantages of Working towards Seal Pose

Seal pose is a robust instrument for bettering spinal well being and lung capability. It might probably additionally soothe backaches and launch bodily and psychological pressure.

Bodily Perks

  • Improves Posture: Your lumbar area — the decrease a part of your backbone — will get an excellent stretch on this place. It helps right slouching attributable to hours at a desk or on a sofa. This pose helps restore the pure curve of the lumbar space.
  • Opens Lungs: As you increase your chest, your lungs have extra room to increase. This enables for deeper inhalation and extra full exhalation. The result’s a sense of calmness as extra oxygen enters your physique.
  • Alleviates Backaches: Tight muscle tissue in your again usually result in ache. Working towards this asana commonly can imply fewer days spent coping with annoying again ache. It relaxes the abdomen space, too, which regularly holds stress with out us realizing it.

Psychological and Emotional Results

Yoga lecturers like me love this asana for its holistic advantages, too. Listed below are a few of my favourite causes so as to add Seal Pose into my yoga sequences:

  • Energizes and boosts psychological readability: Combining deep respiration and spinal extension, this pose can enhance oxygen movement and circulation, which can contribute to clearer pondering and scale back psychological fatigue.
  • Promotes rest: This restorative asana stimulates the physique’s rest response by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which can assist scale back nervousness and promote a way of calm and well-being.
  • Encourages mindfulness and builds focus: The breath consciousness required of this posture encourages mindfulness and present-moment consciousness. Together with your thoughts wholly targeted in your expertise, you construct psychological focus.
  • Facilitates emotional launch: This asana targets the kidney and urinary bladder meridians and the guts, photo voltaic plexus, and sacral chakra, serving to you launch emotions of concern and insecurity whereas selling a way of peace and grounding.

Contraindications and Cautions

Seal Pose is intense, so it will not be for everybody. When you expertise any of the next medical circumstances, you need to use props, modifications, or presumably skip this asana fully:

  • Again Damage Dangers: Individuals with latest or persistent again accidents ought to keep away from this asana as it could possibly worsen present circumstances. When you expertise persistent points or are recovering from harm, seek the advice of a physiotherapist or physician earlier than doing any backbends.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The burden-bearing side of the posture can exacerbate wrist ache and points related to carpal tunnel syndrome. In case your wrists are weak or tingly, modify the place or choose another that retains your wrists pleased.
  • Being pregnant Precautions: Pregnant yogis of their first trimester can have no downside with this asana. Past that, you may attempt a modified model with the thighs elevated on a bolster. Nevertheless, you’ll want to change your entry into the place to keep away from mendacity in your stomach. All the time seek the advice of your doctor earlier than making an attempt a brand new asana whereas pregnant.

Sensations vs Ache

Understanding the excellence between sensation and ache is an important body-awareness ability in yoga. Discomfort is regular; it means your muscle tissue are stretching and rising stronger. However if you happen to really feel a pointy pang — particularly in backbends — it’s a crimson flag to cease instantly! Ache signifies one thing isn’t proper, and pushing via might result in harm.

To assist my college students perceive this distinction, I remind them that sensation could also be uncomfortable, however you may breathe via it. Ache, alternatively, usually restricts your respiration.

Modifications and Props

In restorative and Yin Yoga, lecturers extremely encourage utilizing props to make the poses extra accessible and enjoyable. Listed below are a couple of methods to make use of yoga props to boost your expertise.

  • Yoga blanket: If this place is uncomfortable in your hips, place a folded blanket beneath your self for further cushion.
  • Bolster: Slide a bolster lengthwise beneath your abdomen to help and take some strain off your lumbar space. Or, flip it horizontally and place it beneath your arms. Then, your elbows can keep partially bent, resting on the bolster, offering a much less intense stretch.

A high-quality, thick yoga mat is good for poses like this one. Verify this out!

LU9AVOS 060861 1?wid=1080&op usm=0

lululemon’s The Exercise Mat 6mm

Complementary Poses

Whether or not you do that pose in Yin Yoga, Hatha, or Vinyasa sequence, such a robust backbend ought to be balanced with yoga poses that complement the deep compression within the decrease again.

Little one’s Pose Launch

Balasana is the final word counter pose for any backbend. It bends the backbone in the other way, selling mobility. Your whole again will get a pleasant stretch, too.

Crocodile Resting Posture

In between rounds of intense backbends, Crocodile Pose serves as a superb resting spot. Mendacity flat in your stomach with forearms stacked beneath the brow provides your again a break.

Ahead Bending Stability

Seated Ahead Fold is one other wonderful selection for a counter pose. By folding ahead, you counteract the spinal extension and supply a complete stretch to your whole posterior chain out of your calves to your higher again.

Any forward bending posture, like the Seated Forward Bend, is a wonderful counter pose after the backbend of Seal.

Superior Variations

Seal Pose doesn’t at all times must be a static yin posture. Strive a sophisticated variation to introduce new challenges to college students searching for to deepen their apply.

Single Leg Bend

Strive bending one leg at a time in direction of the crown of your head. This engages the hamstrings, enhances flexibility, and is step one in working in direction of superior postures like Raja Bhujangasana or Scorpion Pose.

Dynamic Seal-Sphinx Circulation

Give your arms a exercise by flowing between these postures, feeling every muscle as you progress. Bear in mind to maneuver slowly, lifting along with your inhale and reducing to your forearms along with your exhale.


Seal Pose provides many advantages, from spinal flexibility to psychological rest. It may be an intense expertise, each bodily and emotionally. However keep in mind, your breath is your secret weapon. Let every inhale fill you with power and launch pressure with every exhale.

I like how this yin posture builds physique consciousness, permitting you to give attention to sensation over form. Chasing after the right form of a yoga pose can result in bother. As a substitute, tune into the sensations in your physique — particularly any indicators of discomfort or ache — and alter accordingly. Strive a much less intense variation and use as many props as you want.

When you’ve by no means practiced Yin Yoga earlier than, I encourage you to attempt it out, beginning with this pose! Roll out your mat, get in tune along with your power and feelings, and really feel the transformative energy of Seal Pose immediately!


What’s Seal Pose, and what are its advantages?

Additionally referred to as “Cobra Pose Arms Unfold Variation,” this pose is a backbend in yin yoga that stretches the backbone and opens up the chest. Common apply can enhance spinal flexibility, promote higher posture, and alleviate ache within the decrease again space.

Is that this posture appropriate for inexperienced persons?

I like to recommend Seal Pose for intermediate yoga college students. If you’re a newbie, begin with Sphinx Pose, and whenever you really feel snug there, attempt progressing into this deeper expression.

Can Seal Pose assist with stress reduction?

This posture helps soothe stress by encouraging deep respiration and fostering present-moment consciousness. You may breathe deeply on this pose, boosting oxygen movement to the physique and mind and producing a relaxing impact.

Are there any contraindications for training Seal Pose?

Individuals affected by herniated discs, persistent again ache, wrist or shoulder accidents, carpal tunnel syndrome, or extreme arthritis might have to change or skip this posture fully.

What are some widespread errors to keep away from when performing the Seal Pose?

Frequent errors embody hyperextending the arms, permitting the chest to sink, and transferring too rapidly, resulting in discomfort or harm. To keep away from these points, interact your core muscle tissue and take your time transferring into the place.



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