The Ultimate Colour Guide for Fall: 7 Colours of the fall

While there are always

some trends we can expect to see year after year, part of what keeps fashion fun is the unexpected twists that pop up—and it’s never been more true than for the trending fall colors this year.

This fall,

we’re already noticing hues that feel tried and true (hello again, black, gray, and cream), but we’re also enjoying watching the autumn color palette being turned on its head with vibrant shades of pink and red and complemented with refined browns and greens. 

With trends trickling down

from the fall 2021 runways, we’re excited to see colors like pink and powder blue outlive their typical spring and summer shelf lives, and we’re loving modern takes on classic favorites—we’ll gladly swap bright orange out for a more elevated clay or rust. 

If you’re looking to shake up your fall looks and breathe new life into your closet, then this season’s trends have you covered. Keep reading to learn more about which colors you’re going to see on repeat this fall. With our The Ultimate Colour Guide for Fall you will be ready to slay this fall’s fashion 


The Ultimate Colour Guide for Fall

With this iconic color Clay we are kicking off our  “The Ultimate Colour Guide for Fall” . Not quite orange and not quite brown, clay is a modern in-between that seems seasonally perfect for fall. According to a recent study published by Stylight, searches for “orange-brown” coats alone are up 112 percent. Warm and rustic, the color clay is giving us all the cozy, latte-sipping vibes we pine for this time of year. 

Powder blue

powder blue The Ultimate Colour Guide for Fall

Powder blue is making an appearance across the entire wardrobe spectrum. From sweaters and skirts to bags and shoes, incorporating this soft shade into your ensemble is an easy way to bring energy to your autumn looks. 


Shades of pink

cream pink

While pink is usually associated with spring, fashion girls have been repeatedly spotted sporting the color this fall. Light and airy or muted and dusty—no variety is off limits this autumn season. Boldly pair it with more traditional fall colors and cold-weather accessories to make a fashion-forward statement. 



The Ultimate Colour Guide for Fall pink

Fuchsia may just bring home the title of most unexpected—and most fun—fall color for 2021. This saturated hue has made itself known in everything from workout sets to wedding guest dresses, so nab a piece or two if you’re looking to break your fall wardrobe away from the norm.


Bold red

bold red The Ultimate Colour Guide for Fall

If you’re looking to make a statement and grab attention (but aren’t quite in the fuchsia state of mind), opting for bold red apparel is your ticket. This hue is reminiscent of crisp fall leaves—except much, much fiercer. If donning a full outfit in this color is a little outside your comfort zone, meet halfway with a bold shoe or handbag.


Muted grey

muted grey

A universal truth we can count on: Gray will always be fashionable. And while fall 2021 is throwing some fun curveballs our way, we’re happy to see that gray is still sticking around as a popular design choice. One trend we’re noticing in particular? A soft, muted variety, perfect for pairing with bright or patterned accessories.


Fern green

The Ultimate Colour Guide for Fall

One of our favorite colors we’re seeing this fall is fern green. Subtle and dusky, this hue is undeniably chic and a much-appreciated break. From the ever-prevalent reds and oranges we expect to see during the autumn season.


Hope you enjoyed our fall colours guide!

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