10 Lies we have been told by society

10 Lies we have been told by society

10 Lies we have been told by society

What do you mean lies we have been told by society? Why would they lie to use, that makes no sense. Well hold on let me explain so you know what I mean. The reason why our society is able to manipulate us so well is because of the lies they tell us. See they tells us lies that most of times have to do with us so we feel insecure, and this way they can control us. It is just not beneficial for them when they can’t control you. How do you think beauty industry is so rich? Well because our society makes all of us feel insecure and then sells us things to make us feel good about ourselves. They create insecurities so they can profit from it. They pretend to be a hero when they are actually evil. And now you wonder how can they make us feel insecure?

Well if I person sees something and is been told something multiple times even though it doesn’t seem true, they will probably believe it, it is psychology behind our brain. So let’s say you see skinny girl many times on television, on social media and even outside well you will feel insecure, and they also make the models looks very unrealistic by editing the photos so it creates even bigger insecurity. They know this kind of body none of us is able to have, it is unrealistic so they show us to make us feel insecure. But guess what you will be fine, if you are aware of it you they won’t be able to control you. So that is why I am here, to show you so they can’t control you. Everyone knows this society is damaging for everyone and it needs to stop.

Cubby people are not good enough:

Lies we have been told by society

This one just makes me laugh. Because you are chubby you are not good enough. You were born like this, so I think that makes you good enough. You can’t change how you look nor should you want to do this. All of our bodies are beautiful, there is no better and bad. It is your body, so it is for sure beautiful and you are enough. Our society likes to spread this lies so we feel insecure and we get things done, or we get into fitness program that won’t actually help us. Maturity of people in this world are chubby so society makes us feel this is not okay, because they know being skinny is not possible for many people. But trust me being chubby is as beautiful as being skinny!

Women shouldn’t be hairy:

Lies we have been told by society

If we are not suppose to be hairy, why the hell is hair growing on our bodies? I actually think we should be more hairy than hairless. We didn’t always have razors and hair removals, so if it was fine back then, it is still fine. It is totally natural for woman to be hairy, but we have been taught that it is not and that is why when we see hairy women we find her unattractive and disgusting. She is far from that, embracing what you have is amazing. And I mean if men are attractive with hair so are women.

Women belong in kitchen:

women in kitchen

Excuse me? Everyone who wants to eat belongs in kitchen, if a man wants to eat he better cook. Why should a woman always cook and clean the kitchen? If women learned all of it, so can men. A real man will learn and won’t make woman do all the work. Society tells us this so we feel we are don’t belong anywhere but kitchen. So we lose motivation to do more for ourselves, because successful woman is very dangerous in society. She will not listen to them and they don’t want that.

Women that has a lot of s+x is ruined:

Lies we have been told by society

No having a lot of s+x is not a bad thing nor is having less s+x. Everyone is different some have a lot, some less and that is okay. But having a lot of s+x doesn’t mean you are ruined. If that was a case, men who have a lot of s+x would be ruined too, but no one says that about men. See this is society’s way of controlling women, because women who doesn’t care is too dangerous. Society makes her question herself and she feels insecure, this way society has her under control. Having s+x is a natural thing for humans, and it can’t be a bad thing having a lot it. If something feels good to you, it really can only be good!

Being gay/lesbian/transgender and more is a sin:

being gay is a sin

Sexuality is something personal and no one has control over it. You were born with it and can’t change that. If there is nothing wrong with straight, there is nothing wrong with other sexualities. Sexuality is personal to everyone, even straight people are different when it comes to preferences. This can’t and will never be a sin. Our society doesn’t understand and also doesn’t like the idea of other sexualities. Only because in a way other sexualities can’t make a child, doesn’t make it wrong. Other sexualities have existed, but we were too close minded to see it and still are.

Some women being sluts:

Lies we have been told by society

First I am made at our society, because they made this beautiful word seem so bad. For me slut is a woman that knows her shit, that is confident and owns her power. It represent what women are suppose to be. But on other hand who the hell are you to tell a woman she is a slut for sleeping with a lot of men, for wearing revealing clothes and list goes on. You are not bad for doing these thing, you have all the right to do these things without being seen as bad. They call women sluts so they can control us, because women without control are too powerful. I don’t see they call men bad for doing the same things women do. So it is not about being bad, it is all about control.

Eat too much will make you gain weight:

Eat too much will make you gain weight

We eat so keep our beautiful body healthy. This is how our body keeps working, if we eat less we won’t lose weight, but will be unhealthy. Whenever I would eat more I would NEVER gain weight, it is all lies. But they even control how we eat and then offer us these amazing fitness programs that actually don’t work. Eating won’t make you fat, so eat and enjoy it!

If a man is emotion he is weak:

Lies we have been told by society

No that doesn’t make a man weak, it is just opposite of that. We are humans and we all have emotions, showing your emotions makes you strong and powerful. And because of this stupid lie so many men struggle and because of it their mental health is really damaged. No one should hold their emotions, eventually all these emotions will come out and it will be worse. Dealing with one emotion at the time is hard enough, but imagine so many emotions that have been building up over years that is too much. That is why we need to empower men to show their emotions, because it is way healthier for them and really who cares what others think. Our society controls men in this way, because men showing his emotions is way dangerous and powerful than man nothing showing them. He is emotionally intelligent and that is amazing.

Your weight, job, your partner, your experiences, where you live and more doesn’t define you:

job doesn't define you

Our society makes us feel everything around us defines us and our worth. For example it is important to have good job, because if we don’t we are not good enough. It is just a job, some people are lucky and have money for education or are good in school, and some don’t. That doesn’t mean that some are better than others, no one has control over their destiny. And how much you weight also doesn’t define your worth, any weight is worthy.

Also didn’t you

know that you have little control over your weight? I know shocking because we have been taught we do have, well not really so embrace it. Your partner also doesn’t define you, it is another person how can they define you, and why would you give them that power? So go for partner that matches with you, not the one that will make you look better. And your experiences also don’t define you for example if you have been r+aped that doesn’t define you and that mean you are ruined. You and only you can define yourself, no one has that power! But this is how our society makes us insecure so they can benefit from us.

Woman’s only purpose is to have children

Lies we have been told by society

No it is not, women have dreams and goals too. Women should do more than just have children. Some women maybe don’t want to have children and that is okay too. Women are not less than men, so don’t make us to be less. If men can have career and also don’t want children without being judged, so can women. I know so many women who feel insecure for not having children yet, or focusing on career instead of family and I am here to tell you it is totally fine to do that. Please don’t let them make you feel insecure, you have all right to do whatever you want with your life.


So here you have 10 Lies we have been told by society. It is crazy to think in how many ways they try to control us. Do you have something to add, or some additional lie to add? I mean there are many more lies, which I will cover in future, so stay tune.

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